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Apr 28, 2006

RG Forums have changed to Pro Photo Community

Is now…

The forums formerly known as the Rob Galbraith Professional Digital Photography Forums have been taken over by the owners of the Digital Wedding Review web site.

The former Galbraith Forum URL re-directs to

Apr 27, 2005

Adobe Bridge – User To User Forum

On the Adobe User TO User Forums, a new forum has been added, the Adobe Bridge forum. This new forum adds Bridge to the current list of User to User forums already hosted by Adobe. Note: you will need to register (free) to post on the forums.

Mar 25, 2005

Want to be a part of “The Development”? – Fact

Want to be a part of the development of Photoshop? You can by posting in the Adobe User to User Forums.

While not as “way–cool” as being a Photoshop alpha or beta tester, the ideas expressed by users in the Forum’s Feature Requests sections do get the attention of the Photoshop engineers. You CAN have an impact!

Mar 18, 2005

Adobe User to User Forums

The Adobe hosted User to User Forums are a valuable resource for tips, techniques and toubleshooting issues with all of Adobe’s products. The forums are free although require registration. The entire forum list shows all of the application forums.

Sep 1, 2004


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