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Apr 26, 2007

SKIN by Lee Varis

skin_sm.jpgskin: The Complete Guide to Digitally Lighting, Photographing, and Retouching Faces and Bodies Written by Lee Varis

Achieving accurate skin tones is one of the most challenging tasks in digital photography. Master this challenge with professional photographer Lee Varis as he covers a range of skin: women and men, young and old, various tones, in-studio and outdoors, tattoos, and more.

Lee’s step-by-step tutorials and before-and-after illustrations demonstrate various techniques for topics such as digital-specific lighting challenges and what can and cannot be done in post-process.

A free CD-ROM accompanies the book and contains sample image files to use while following the tutorials, plus equipment recommendations and technical reference materials that enhance and reinforce the instruction.

Mar 27, 2007

What’s new in Photoshop CS3 for Photographers

cover-versioncs3-low.jpgTo coincide with the official announcement of Photoshop CS3, Martin Evening has released a sample chapter from his forthcoming book: Adobe Photoshop CS3 for Photographers, published by Focal Press.

The new edition of this best selling book should be hitting the streets in Spring of 2007, shortly after the official release of Photoshop CS3.

As a special perk for PhotoshopNews readers, Martin has made his Chapter 1: What’s New in Photoshop CS3 available for free download.

The 24 page PDF, outlines all the new features of Photoshop CS3 and Bridge 2, written from a user’s perspective. It offers an honest appraisal of what will be on offer in this new version of the program, if you really want to know what’s NEW!

Jan 30, 2007

The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Book


The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Book by Martin Evening will be shipping soon. In the meantime, through special arrangement with Martin and his publisher, PhotoshopNews has a free PDF download of Chapter 1. (click HERE to download-4.6MB PDF)

The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Book describes Lightroom’s features in detail and with photographers in mind. Photographers who routinely work with raw (and even jpg & tiff) images will find Lightroom–and The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Book–an indispensable tool in their digital darkroom.

Mark Hamburg, Adobe Fellow & Lightroom founder says of Martin’s book: “For a product that had simplicity as one of its goals, a book of this heft might seem to suggest that we went astray somewhere. The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Book, however, is filled with useful information, extensive imagery, and great examples that really explore the power of Lightroom while maintaining a clarity of presentation that had me routinely thinking ‘I couldn’t have said it better myself.’”

Jan 25, 2007

Nash Editions: Photography and the Art of Digital Printing

nash-cover-small.jpgNash Editions: Photography and the Art of Digital Printing is a newly released book by Nash Editions partners Graham Nash and Mac Holbert.

While you certainly may know Graham as a member of the rock band Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young you may not realize that Graham is a passionate photographer. Nash Editions almost single handedly developed fine art digital printing. (see the PSN story about Nash’s PMDA Award)

Fine art digital printing was born in the beginning of 1990 when Graham and Mac took a hacksaw to a $125,000 Iris printer (and voiding the warranty) to get it to accept fine art papers. That printer is now on display at the Smithsonian.

This book uses thought-provoking essays and glorious artwork to sum up not only Nash Editions’ achievements but also the state of fine-art digital printmaking.

Nov 30, 2006

A different light on digital photography

059652370x_lrg.jpgSource: CNET
Written by Stephen Shankland

If you want to learn about digital photography but have had your fill of redeye reduction tips and unsharp mask tutorials, a new book by Stephen Johnson is worth a look.

On Digital Photography (O’Reilly 2006, $40) has plenty of pointers on color correction and tonal balance, but what sets it apart is Johnson’s enthusiasm for the history and mechanics of digital photography–and the abundant landscape pictures that serve as inspiration.

Nov 13, 2006

A DAM Useful Video


Peter Krogh, author of The DAM Book: Digital Asset Management for Photographers has added a new video companion for the book on his DAM Useful website.

Nov 6, 2006

O’Reilly Announces the Winners of the 2006 Photoshop Cook-Off Contest

New York, NY–O’Reilly Media announced the winners of the Photoshop Cook-Off Contest at PhotoPlus Expo 2006. Grand Prize Winner Suzanne Pitts and ten additional winners in five categories were selected from hundreds of submissions created by Photoshop aficionados.

Aug 18, 2006

Photoshop Finishing Touches by Dave Cross

Photoshop Finishing Touches
Written by Dave Cross.

If you’re primarily interested in finishing touches–the million creative ways you can use your favorite software to improve, polish, and add pizzazz to your images–this is the book for you! The first book devoted exclusively to the topic, Finishing Touches for Photoshop CS2 offers a treasure chest of creative finishing techniques.

With chapters on frames and border effects, color and artistic effects, presentation, sharpening, and printing, this full-color guide covers everything from creative cropping to dramatic lighting, stock photos, collage ideas, combining black-and-white and color, selective blurring, storybook layouts, PDF presentation, and more.

Aug 1, 2006

The Adobe Lightroom Book, new book, new concept

Peachpit releases The Adobe Lightroom Book by Martin Evening as a new “Rough Cut” publishing concept-a book available as it’s being written. Which dovetails well with a product like Adobe Lightroom which is being developed as a public preview.

Digital photographers who have relied on Adobe Photoshop to work with their images have a new tool at their disposal: Adobe Lightroom.

As a professional photographer, author Martin Evening knows firsthand what photographers need for a more efficient workflow.


Jul 31, 2006

Real World Image Sharpening with Adobe Photoshop CS2

Real World Image Sharpening with Adobe Photoshop CS2 by Bruce Fraser is shipping.

It’s a sad but undeniable fact of life: Whether you scan, shoot, or capture, the process of digitizing images introduces softness, and to get great-looking results, you’ll need to sharpen the great majority of digital images.

The softness introduced during digitizing results from the very nature of the digitizing process. To represent images digitally, we must transform them from continuous gradations of tone and color to points on a grid. In the process details gets “averaged” into the pixels, softening the overall appearance.


Jul 21, 2006

Stephen Johnson on Digital Photography Book is Shipping

Stephen Johnson on Digital Photography
By Stephen Johnson

A master photographer and teacher since 1977, Stephen Johnson is widely recognized as a pioneer of digital photography.

His new book chronicles his ride on the bleeding edge of this medium’s evolution, and provides a practical in-depth introduction to digital photography that includes the latest techniques. Complete with beautiful color photographic examples and illustrations, this book is a unique, passionate, holistic examination for every student of photography.

Jun 19, 2006

Sci-fi artist uses old-fashioned ways

Source: San Antonio Express-News
Written by Dan R. Goddard

John Picacio shopped at a local hardware store for the parts to assemble his starship — PVC plumbing parts, electrical workboxes and sprinkler heads.

But the clunky contraption appeared sleekly futuristic with rockets blazing against a sea of stars when the San Antonio artist incorporated it into his design for the cover of a science fiction novel, Mike Resnick’s “Starship: Mutiny.”

“I think you can see the influence of the found object collages of Robert Rauschenberg and Joseph Cornell in my work,” he said. “I like working from three-dimensional models, and I think it is important to draw from life. I have friends dress up in costume for my figures. I do my final composition on computer, but nearly all the individual elements are done by hand. It’s old-fashioned drawing and painting.”

Apr 27, 2006

An Interview With Julieanne Kost

Source: Imaging Resource
Written by Mike Pasini

You may know Julieanne Kost from her amusing Photoshop lectures (“How do you pronounce GIF? Get a life!”) or her Classroom in a Book Series for Adobe, for whom she’s worked since 1993. As a Senior Digital Imaging Evangelist, she flies all over the world, lecturing on creativity and Photoshop (and Lightroom, too, now) for Adobe.

As she flies from one city to another, Julieanne shoots photos from her window seat. And, after five years of taking pictures of the sky from the sky, she’s published Window Seat, a down-to-earth book on creativity, photography and digital imaging.

Apr 14, 2006

LaPorte, Indiana – The Find of a Lifetime!

FOUND Magazine editor Jason Bitner has made it a habit of picking up after us, walking down the back alleys of our lives, and accumulating all that we’ve thrown away or mislaid.

One afternoon not long ago, after lunch at a small Midwestern diner, he stumbled onto a forgotten archive.

In the back of the restaurant were box upon box of studio portraits of the townspeople of LaPorte, Indiana—over 18,000 in total.

Apr 5, 2006

The Book Standard Author News-top 5 books

Source: The Book Standard

Christina Aguilera’s Four Inches
Comments By Patrick J. Eves

What do you get when you cross four inches with Christina Aguilera, Victoria Beckham, Anne Heche and 41 other scantily clad celebrity women? Either disappointment or a bestselling photography book.

Those 44 women model four-inch Jimmy Choo heels in Four Inches, the top-selling photography book in the country last week. Proceeds from the $65 hardcover go to the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

Mar 29, 2006

Scott Kelby does a Lightroom eBook

At Photoshop World last week, Scott Kelby announced the release of his new book, The Adobe Lightroom eBook for digital photographers.

Scott says: you can actually buy and download my book right now, today online, because it’s my first eBook (well, it will be an eBook until the product leaves beta and finally ships, but the advantage of the eBook is that it will be updated as Adobe updates each version of Lightroom).


Mar 8, 2006

The Photoshop CS2 Speed Clinic

The Photoshop CS2 Speed Clinic:
Automating Photoshop to Get Twice the Work Done
in Half the Time

If you’re looking for an easy way to work fast in Photoshop CS2, congratulations, you’ve found it! Matt Kloskowski, Education and Curriculum Developer for the NAPP.

Matt shows you how to use the power of automation to instantly save time, money, and frustration.

Once you master these powerful tools, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without them.

Feb 22, 2006

The Photoshop Channels Book

The Photoshop Channels Book
Written by Scott Kelby

One big advantage Photoshop professionals have always had was the understanding of channels. It was their secret weapon, and it enabled them to do things, and work in an entirely different way than their competitors, and maybe that’s why the secret power of Photoshop’s channels has been such a closely guarded secret.
Until now.

Feb 15, 2006

Window Seat: The Art of Digital Photography and Creative Thinking

Window Seat: The Art of Digital Photography and Creative Thinking is a complete view of a creative project from the artist’s perspective. Julieanne Kost, a Photoshop and creative thinking expert, has taken her own experience shooting images out of commercial airplane windows to create a unique creative seminar.

The first section of the book, The Art of Creative Thinking: The Principles, outlines Julieanne’s method for staying creative in an increasingly complicated world. In her personal stories, advice, and philosophies, you’ll find inspiration if you’re stuck or just can’t get started. You may recognize some of your own less-than-productive thought processes as she describes her own struggle to let go of the everyday flotsam of life to find a quiet mental space in which she can think, dream, and create.

Feb 15, 2006

Scott Kelby is Top Selling Author-Again

Scott Kelby is Recognized as the Top-Selling Computer Book Author in the U.S. for 2005, According to Nielsen BookScan Data

Press Release: TAMPA, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Feb. 15, 2006–For the second consecutive year, Peachpit and the Pearson Technology Group are recognizing Scott Kelby as the number one, top-selling computer book author in the U.S., according to research based on Nielsen BookScan data for the 2005 calendar year.

Nov 16, 2005

Michael Reichmann’s Bangladesh-First Impressions is shipping

Micheal Reichmann of The Luminous Landscape notes that his self published and self produced book Bangladesh-First Impressions is now shipping.

Michael writes: “Nothing ever happens as quickly as one would wish. The books arrived on schedule in early October. The shipment was complete, and the books were as expected – of excellent quality. I am very pleased with the colour reproduction and the printing. There is a slight lack of neutrality to some of the B&W plates, but that’s to be expected. Doing Duotones would have increased the cost of the book substantially. There are a couple of typos in the text, but these are my fault, not the printers.

Overall the book is one that I am very proud of.”

Nov 15, 2005

Adobe Photoshop Restoration & Retouching, 3rd Edition

Written by Katrin Eismann, Wayne Palmer, Adobe Photoshop Restoration & Retouching, 3rd Edition fully updates the #1 selling book on using Photoshop for restoring and retouching any photograph.

Learn to remove wrinkles, unwanted backgrounds or color casts, image flaws, or 10 extra pounds so images look better than reality. Features project-based tutorials, full-color illustrations and screenshots, and a companion Web site. Quality and reputation matter in a crowded market: Adobe Photoshop Restoration & Retouching is already well-established as the best of its kind and is highly recommended in Photoshop circles.

Nov 14, 2005

Real World Adobe Photoshop CS2-It’s Shipping!

Word has come in from Bruce Fraser that he’s recieved his author’s copies of Real World Adobe Photoshop CS2 and the books should be hitting distributors this week.

Book Description:
Fooling around with Photoshop to create interesting composite artwork is all well and good. But if you rely on Photoshop to meet tough production challenges in a fast-paced professional environment, fooling around won’t cut it!

You need results, and you need them now: This book delivers!

Oct 7, 2005

Adobe Photoshop CS2 Official JavaScript Reference

Do you spend too much time doing repetitive production tasks such as placing and replacing images, resizing them, dragging them from one document to another, and preparing images for printing instead of being creative? Do you use Adobe Photoshop CS2 and have some experience with scripting? You’re in luck.

Since Adobe Creative Suite 2 was created with built-in support for scripting, virtually every repetitive or time-consuming task that creative professionals have to do in the Adobe Creative Suite can be streamlined with the help of a script.

Sep 29, 2005

Commercial Photoshop Retouching: In the Studio

Written by 20-year photo retouching veteran Glenn Honiball, Commercial Photoshop Retouching: In the Studio is the only book to deliver advice for the photographer and artist working with Photoshop CS 2 in a real world commercial environment.

Honiball offers incomparable technical and artistic guidance for professionals, graphic artists, photographers, and just about anyone involved in creating and manipulating digital images.