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Nov 28, 2007

Smart filtering with the Lens blur filter


In Chapter 1 of my Adobe Photoshop CS3 for Photographers book, I provided a brief example of how one might apply the Lens Blur filter to a Smart Object in Photoshop CS3 and keep the background blur settings editable. However, it was pointed out to me just recently that the Lens Blur filter is actually disabled in CS3 when you seek to apply it to a Smart Object. This is one of those things that I failed to notice as I was finalizing the book and it seems that I am not the only author who got caught out by this late change to the program. Fortunately there is an easy remedy for accessing Lens Blur as a Smart Filter.

Jun 8, 2007

Scripting Sessions @ Photoshop World–Vegas

Ok all you scripting geeks, get ready…back by popular demand and with an additional session, Jeff Tranberry, Photoshop QE engineer and all around script maven will be doing two Photoshop Scripting Sessions at Photoshop World Las Vegas.

Aug 31, 2006

Digital Outback Photo Releases Free Script

The Digital Outback Photo web site has released a free Photoshop Batch processor: XBatch

XBatch is simple to use and produces batch operations like Image Processor in Photoshop CS2 but maintains the folder hierarchy of the original folder of images.

Aug 21, 2006

Trevor Morris Updates a Lot of Scripts

gfxtm.gif Trevor Morris, who runs the GFX web site has uploaded a bunch of new Photoshop scripts including a beta to a new Black & White Variations script.

  • Hide All Layers – set the visibility of all layers to off (invisible)
  • Show All Layers – set the visibility of all layers to on (visible)
  • Search For Layers – searches for layers by name and selects the first match
  • Sort Layers – sorts all layers in the active document alphanumerically (from top to bottom)

Be sure to check out his Photoshop Tutorials while you’re there.

Dec 27, 2005

Into scripting?

PS-Scripts is a community resource site for Photoshop scripting and Photoshop automation.

Oct 7, 2005

Adobe Photoshop CS2 Official JavaScript Reference

Do you spend too much time doing repetitive production tasks such as placing and replacing images, resizing them, dragging them from one document to another, and preparing images for printing instead of being creative? Do you use Adobe Photoshop CS2 and have some experience with scripting? You’re in luck.

Since Adobe Creative Suite 2 was created with built-in support for scripting, virtually every repetitive or time-consuming task that creative professionals have to do in the Adobe Creative Suite can be streamlined with the help of a script.

Aug 15, 2005

PhotoshopNews inside of Adobe Bridge

In cooperation with PixelGenius, PhotoshopNews is pleased to announce the availability of a new Adobe Bridge script to put inside of Bridge. Yes, right inside of Bridge!

Jun 23, 2005

Adobe Bridge Batch Issue

There is an issue when running the Batch automate function from within Bridge, where actions that contain calls to scripts will fail.

Jun 21, 2005

Actions automate repetitive Photoshop tasks

Source: Microsoft Pro Photo Home

Creating actions in Adobe Photoshop allows you to automate repetitive tasks to improve efficiency and consistency in your digital workflow.

Jun 8, 2005

New Adobe Bridge Script-Import Camera

At Adobe Studio Exchange, there is a new script written for Adobe Bridge, available for downloading:
Import Camera.

Apr 17, 2005

Letter to the Editor – What about Scripting?

PhotoshopNews reader, Larry, wrote in and said:
I’m looking for any information about the updates to the JavaScript scripting in Photoshop CS2. I can’t seem to find anyone who knows anything about new User Interface functions for JavaScript scripting.

Sep 1, 2004


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