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Nov 27, 2007

Camera Raw 4.3 and Compressed D100 Raw Captures

There has been confirmation of an issue with the most recent version of Camera Raw (4.3) and Lightroom version 1.3 when processing Nikon D100 raw captures(additional cameras that use compressed NEFs are also effected including; D1H, D1Hs, and D1X) when the camera is set to compress the NEF file. The results are incorrect color casts. The suggested work around is to either:

1. Set the camera to use uncompressed NEF files. (The bug is limited to compressed files.)
2. Use the DNG Converter version 4.2 (not 4.3) to convert the compressed NEF files to DNG, and then use them with Camera Raw 4.3 or Lightroom 1.3.

Indication are that there is going to be a Camera Raw 4.3.1 interim update to address this issue in the very near future. It’s expected that a minor update to Lightroom will also be released. No exact time table has been indicated other than “soon”.

The Lightroom User to User forum had a post outlining the issue with confirming posts by Thomas Knoll regarding the problem. See: v1.3 and Nikon D100 NEF files – Not so good!

Nov 19, 2007

Adobe’s Update Servers are Problematic

Since the release of a slew of updates late Thursday night, November 15th, 2007, many users have downloaded updates for Photoshop CS3, Bridge CS3, Camera Raw 4.3 and Lightroom 1.3. However, many people seem unable to get to the product updates because regional servers have been slow to get updated URLS.

Usually, going to the New Downloads urls will allow users access to all the recently uploaded updates for all of Adobe’s products. However, many users from outside of the US and Canada are reporting that when they attempt to access the same download links, they are getting “not found” errors.

The problem is thought to be a failure of mirrored servers getting properly updated urls throughout Adobe’s extensive network. While some people in northern Europe like Sweden don’t seem to have a problem, users in the UK can not seem to get to the same download pages.

In the meantime, if your Adobe Updater can’t seem to find the updates or your locale’s local country servers haven’t been updated, you should still be able to access Adobe’s public FTP servers. The main public FTP is

To access Photoshop updates (including Camera Raw) go to:

To access Bridge updates, go to:

To access Lightroom updates, go to:

Nov 16, 2007

Adobe posts Lightroom 1.3 Export SDK

Adobe has posted the first Lightroom SDK on Adobe Labs.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 1.3 Export SDK

Nov 15, 2007

Adobe Updates Camera Raw to Version 4.3 and Lightroom to 1.3

Camera Raw 4.3 Update has been released (it may take a bit before the update shows up on Adobe Updater). The Camera Raw 4.3 update is suggested by all users of Camera Raw under Photoshop CS3, Elements 5 & 6 for Windows or Elements 4.01 for Mac. Adobe DNG Converter has also been updated to version 4.3.

Lightroom 1.3 has also been released for Mac and Windows. Both updates offer new camera compatibilities as well as bug fixes and in the case of Lightroom 1.3, certain new functionality.

Nov 7, 2007

Scott Kelby Teaches to over 1,300 Photoshop Users in NYC


Source: Photoshop Insider

It must be some kind of record–over 1,300 people attending a one day Photoshop CS3 workshop, but that’s how many people were in attendance to Scott’s Photoshop CS3 Power Tour stop in New York City yesterday. The last stop of the year for Scott’s tour will be in Washington DC later this month.

Nov 5, 2007

Apple Posts Technote about Time Machine

Apple has posted a TechNote for users of OS X 10.5 Leopard with Time Machine and Aperture. By extension, it also applies to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom users as well.

Oct 31, 2007

Lightroom, Aperture cautions with Leopard

Source: Macworld
Written by Rick LePage

As Leopard gets out into both the developer and user communities, we’re seeing a few cautionary notes from developers regarding compatibility and performance. Recently, Apple and Adobe issued advisories regarding their respective image management and catalog applications, Aperture and Photoshop Lightroom…

Read entire article

Oct 31, 2007

Lightroom Update Mid November for Leopard Compatibility


Lightroom Product Manager Tom Hogarty has announced that there be an update to Lightroom in mid-November. This will bring Lightroom to full Leopard compatibility.

Oct 29, 2007

Adobe Posts OS X Leopard Compatibility Statement

Adobe has posted a PDF outlining Adobe application compatibility for Creative Suite 3 apps as well as a host of other Adobe applications. The six page, 120KB PDF can be downloaded here.

First weekend reports around the net indicate most Adobe apps such as Photoshop CS3 and Bridge are working with no significant issues. Issues have been reported for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom version 1.2 which will be addressed in an upcoming update.

Also due for compatibility updates are Premiere Pro CS3 and Soundbooth CS3. Earlier versions such as Creative Suite 2 and former Macromedia apps are listed as being “Not Designed for OS X Leopard” and users are warned that these versions are “likely to encounter issues for which there is no resolution”.

Apple only made the final GM shipping versions of Leopard available to ADC members late last week so all sorts of software developers are scrambling to double check Leopard compatibilities this week.

Oct 16, 2007

Aperture vs. Lightroom: What do the pros use?

This one was too good to pass up (even though I’m on the road). John Nack posted some info on the results of a recent InfoTrend survey regarding what raw processor pro photographers are using; Aperture, Lightroom or good old Camera Raw….the results aren’t terribly surprising. I won’t spoil John’s fun by telling you but here’s a clue, I just wrote a book about it :~)

Check out John’s blog post: Aperture vs. Lightroom: What do the pros use?

Sep 14, 2007

Adobe Releases Camera Raw 4.2 and Lightroom 1.2

Adobe has posted updates to Photoshop® Lightroom™ and the Photoshop Camera Raw plug-in, both available immediately for download on The updates provide raw file support for 14 additional camera models and camera backs within Lightroom and Camera Raw, including the popular Canon EOS 40D.

Sep 4, 2007

Scott’s Lightroom Tour–LIVE!


Last week I stopped by Scott Kelby’s Lightroom LIVE Tour as he blew through the Windy City (that’s Chicago for you folks from away). I grabbed a few shots while visiting. Warning, no particularly important editorial content (but funny shots) included.

Jun 26, 2007

Adobe Updates Lightroom to version 1.1

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 1.1 is now available as a free upgrade for existing users, with added functionality and support for Windows Vista. Lightroom 1.1 adds a flexible image management system for multi-computer workflows, improved noise reduction and sharpening, and raw file support for 13 additional digital cameras from leading manufacturers including Canon, Nikon, Olympus, and Phase One.

May 1, 2007

Tom Fors Releases ACRCalibrator 1.0


Tom Fors, the author of the AcrCalibrator script has released his final 1.0 version. It is available for download now from his web site chromoholics, oh, yeah, and it’s still free.

AcrCalibrator is a Javascript that can be loaded in Photoshop CS2 and CS3 to automate the process of determining the optimal camera calibration settings of your particular camera.

Apr 23, 2007

One Week Left for Intro Lightroom Pricing

lightroom_boxshot_left.jpgWhen Adobe Photoshop Lightroom was announced last January, Adobe offered Lightroom for special introductory pricing of US $199. That special pricing is due to expire midnite, April 30th, 2007.

Which means, if you wish to get Lightroom, get it within the next week or it’ll cost you US $100 more.

If you are a student (or an instructor) you can buy Lightroom for the educational pricing of only US$99-and that discount does not expire.

To check to see if you meet the qualifications to receive educational pricing, check this Adobe informational page. Educational pricing also applies to Photoshop CS3 upgrades and full version purchases.

Mar 26, 2007

Photoshop Soup2Nuts is going to Boston


Photoshop Soup2Nuts is going to Boston to be a part of Photoshop World to show off the new baby–Lightroom.

If you are already going to Photoshop World in Boston (hope you already registered as Photoshop World is now sold out) and you are interested in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom you owe it to yourself to attend the Conference Pre-con event, Photoshop Soup2Nuts with Thomas Knoll, Mark Hamburg and George Jardine and others. Proceeds of Soup2Nuts 2007 will honor the memory of Bruce Fraser.

Mar 21, 2007

Adobe Execs talk about Creative Suite 3 And Lightroom

From the Q1, 2007 Earnings Call (click here for transcript) held by Adobe comes these quotes…

Mar 8, 2007

Backstage at the Lightroom Launch Party

Last week, Adobe hosted a “virtual” launch party for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. I was invited to attend in person at Adobe’s Minnesota offices in Shoreview, MN. As you can see, the weather was very, uh, Minnesotan. Listed in the story are Lightroom Resource URLs as well as links to movies of the Lightroom “Virtual” Launch Party.

Check out the story on

Feb 2, 2007

The Luminous Landscape Lightroom V1.0 Tutorial

lrt_1.png A 4.5 Hour Multi-Segment Training Video with Michael Reichmann and Jeff Schewe

Though Lightroom has been available as a free beta download for many months, the shipping product, Version 1.0, is quite different in many respects from the beta releases available up to now. Many new features and capabilities have been added, a few have been removed, and the workflow has been enhanced and altered.

During 2006 Michael and I published two Lightroom Tutorial DVDs; one for Beta 1 and another for Beta 3. These were extremely popular, and helped many people get up-to-speed with this exciting new program. Now, with the release of Version 1.0, there is the need for a completely new and comprehensive video tutorial.

The Luminous Landscape Lightroom V1.0 Tutorial

Feb 2, 2007

PixelGenius Launches


Since has been so successful in covering Photoshop related news & info, PixelGenius decided Lightroom deserved it’s own site as well. So, welcome to

Martin Evening will be sharing duties as Editor in Chief with Jeff Schewe. Contributing Editors are; Ian Lyons, Sean McCormack, Seth Resnick & Andrew Rodney. Stop in and see what you think of the place.

Jan 31, 2007

NAPP Updates Lightroom Learning Center


The National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) has updated their Lightroom Learning Center with new content and updated tutorials.

Jan 30, 2007

The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Book


The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Book by Martin Evening will be shipping soon. In the meantime, through special arrangement with Martin and his publisher, PhotoshopNews has a free PDF download of Chapter 1. (click HERE to download-4.6MB PDF)

The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Book describes Lightroom’s features in detail and with photographers in mind. Photographers who routinely work with raw (and even jpg & tiff) images will find Lightroom–and The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Book–an indispensable tool in their digital darkroom.

Mark Hamburg, Adobe Fellow & Lightroom founder says of Martin’s book: “For a product that had simplicity as one of its goals, a book of this heft might seem to suggest that we went astray somewhere. The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Book, however, is filled with useful information, extensive imagery, and great examples that really explore the power of Lightroom while maintaining a clarity of presentation that had me routinely thinking ‘I couldn’t have said it better myself.’”

Jan 29, 2007

Adobe Announces Lightroom 1.0 and reveals price



Adobe Announces Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom™–the professional photographer’s essential toolbox provides one easy application for managing, adjusting and presenting large volumes of digital photographs so you can spend less time in front of the computer and more time behind the lens. From its elegant, uncluttered interface to its carefully tailored tools and features, Lightroom was designed specifically to meet photographers’ needs.

Jan 2, 2007

On the Road to Toronto…

I’m leaving for Toronto, Canada on Tuesday to join Michael Reichmann of the Luminous Landscape to shoot our Adobe Photoshop Lightroom DVD tutorial. Some of you may remember the story I did about The Making of the Lighroom DVD last August.

Well, the observant among you might be able to deduce that since we’re shooting our Lightroom 1.0 DVD, the release of Lightroom won’t be too far off (remember, Beta 4 is designed to cease Feb, 2007). The “observant” would probably be correct :~)

So, I’ll be a little light in posts this week…I will be posting final details of the Industry Celebration and Tribute to Bruce Fraser scheduled for January 10, 2007 from 6:00PM – 7:30PM at Macworld Expo.

Here’s a brief description: In the world of digital color and imaging, few can claim the myriad contributions to product innovation, development and end user education that belong to Bruce Fraser. The principal author of the best-selling Real World series of books about Adobe Photoshop and the definitive works Real World Color Management and Real World Camera Raw, Bruce has enlightened end users and experts worldwide on the intricacies of color publishing and imaging.

Macworld Conference and Expo 2007 along with major manufacturers, Peachpit Press (Bruce’s publisher), and an array of imaging luminaries and digital photography superstars, is pleased to invite all conference attendees and exhibitors to a gala tribute for legendary consultant, author and lecturer Bruce Fraser.

Hosted by internationally renowned musician and photographer Graham Nash, this program promises to be the must-attend event of the conference.

Attendance is free for conference attendees and Macworld has arranged for anybody to register (for free) to attend this event.

Dec 26, 2006

Lightroom Podcast #24: Thomas Knoll, Mark Hamburg, and Zalman Stern

George Jardine by Jeff Schewe

George Jardine, Pro Photography Evangelist of Adobe has posted a new Adobe Lightroom iTunes Podcast with raw processing heavy hitters Mark Hamburg, Zalman Stern, and Thomas Knoll. They talk about what’s new (and yet to come) in Lightroom and Camera Raw, analytical vs. visual techniques, Bridge vs. Lightroom, skin tone protection in Vibrance–oh, and their desire for groupies.