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Nov 15, 2007

Adobe Updates Camera Raw to Version 4.3 and Lightroom to 1.3

Camera Raw 4.3 Update has been released (it may take a bit before the update shows up on Adobe Updater). The Camera Raw 4.3 update is suggested by all users of Camera Raw under Photoshop CS3, Elements 5 & 6 for Windows or Elements 4.01 for Mac. Adobe DNG Converter has also been updated to version 4.3.

Lightroom 1.3 has also been released for Mac and Windows. Both updates offer new camera compatibilities as well as bug fixes and in the case of Lightroom 1.3, certain new functionality.

Nov 8, 2007

It’s Shipping–Real World Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop CS3

jeff-book-sm.jpgContrary to what you may have heard about a delay, Real World Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop CS3 is shipping–NOW! And, boy, am I happy.

RWCR CS3 (I kinda like to shorten the title a bit because I’ve gotten real tired of typing the whole phrase, over and over) was a labor of love that was done to honor the lasting memory of Bruce Fraser, my co-author, business partner and good friend. And while he isn’t around to see the end result, I have a pretty good idea that Bruce would be pleased.

I kept a lot of Bruce and did a good job (or so I’m told) of updating the book for Camera Raw 4.x, which as you know is arguably the largest and most impressive update yet to Thomas Knoll’s little raw processing plug-in. In fact, Thomas reviewed the new chapters and made sure I didn’t screw up hardly at all. I also owe special thanks to Zalman Stern, the “other” engineer on Camera Raw who answered a lot of my really stupid questions and actually admitted that several “inconsistencies” I found with Camera Raw while writing were actually bugs and not me going crazy.

Sep 28, 2007

Peter Krogh Update RapidFixer for CS3

product_rapidfixer.pngWhen Photoshop CS3 with Bridge 2 shipped, RapidFixer kinda got broken…so now Peter Krogh, author of The DAM Book: Digital Asset Management for Photographers has updated RapidFixer for CS3 compatibility.NEW! Photoshop CS3 Compatibility: The first RapidFixer version for CS3 is now ready to ship and they have made significant changes to the interface, and updated the software to control the new Adobe Camera Raw 4.0+ tools.

NEW! RapidFixer now works on DNG files, as well as JPEG and TIFF files. (In all cases, you must apply a Camera Raw Default to the image first).

NEW! RapidFixer has settings for working on Black and White Negatives. This lets you use a digital camera to copy negatives, and make adjustments in Camera Raw. Check out the last half of the movie to see it in action.

Sep 18, 2007

onOne Releases Camera Raw Presets

PhotoPresets for Adobe Camera RAW by Jack Davis

For years, professional and enthusiast photographers have used Adobe’s Camera RAW software that is included with Adobe® Photoshop® to digitally process the RAW digital photos produced by their digital cameras. To increase your productivity and to expand the creative possibilities with using Adobe Camera RAW to process your digital photos, we are pleased to offer PhotoPresets with One-Click Wow! for Adobe Camera RAW. This collection of presets was created by renowned Photoshop educator, author and photographer Jack Davis. These presets will simplify your digital life and make processing your digital photos easier, faster and give you better results than ever before. And the best part is the price, free.

Sep 14, 2007

Adobe Releases Camera Raw 4.2 and Lightroom 1.2

Adobe has posted updates to Photoshop® Lightroom™ and the Photoshop Camera Raw plug-in, both available immediately for download on The updates provide raw file support for 14 additional camera models and camera backs within Lightroom and Camera Raw, including the popular Canon EOS 40D.

Sep 7, 2007

Photoshop for Photographers: ACR 4.1 update

cs3cover-3.jpgMartin Evening, author of Adobe Photoshop CS3 for Photographers has published an update to working with Adobe Camera Raw 4.1. This feature story is being published exclusively on PhotoshopNews and is an adaptation of some of the Lightroom-News stories that were published earlier in the summer to coincide with the announcement of the Lightroom 1.1 update. You can also download a printable PDF version of the Camera Raw 4.1 update from this site

Aug 29, 2007

I’m done…

Ok, I’m done…(finally)

I won’t bore you with the stories of redone screenshots and re-editing what I re-wrote, over and over (and over), but the good news is, last Monday, August 27th, I turned in the last chapter of Real World Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop CS3. I think Bruce would be pleased. (I would point you to a book link at Peachpit, if Peachpit had one yet-I’m working on that).

So, that means I’m finally coming up for air–just in time to hurry off next week to Photoshop World. As a result, I’m going to “ease” back into the daily grind of posting to PhotoshopNews–and there are some stories to tell (well, some I really can’t) about how I spent my summer vacation.

So, if you are going to Photoshop World next week, stop by and say HI! And now that the book’s done, start looking for stuff to show up here.

Jun 8, 2007

Summer Digital Boot Camp With Stephen Johnson

Noted photographer Stephen Johnson leads a Summer Digital Boot Camp From RAW to Print (in a week) in Pacifica, California.

This full-week photography workshop is an intense immersion into digital photography with one of its pioneers.

In five days you will go from perhaps not even understanding what a RAW file is, to making well-crafted and thoughtful prints. Some fieldwork and extensive lecture and lab work will fill our time together. Every student will have full access to their own workstation in our lab. Topics include practical experience with digital exposure, RAW processing, image editing, color management and printing.

Jun 6, 2007

Getting Punchy (or, What’s in a name?)


John Nack, Photoshop product manager talks about the naming (or difficulty in naming) Camera Raw 4.1′s new “Clarity” control. Check out his post on his Adobe Blog.

Jun 6, 2007

Camera Raw 4.x Oooops

When Photoshop CS3 (and Camera Raw 4.0) shipped, it was stated that Camera Raw 4 would only work with Photoshop CS3 or above, Photoshop Elements 5 (for Windows) or Elements 4 (for Mac) or above. The only problem is that Elements 4.0 for Mac can’t use Camera Raw 4.x, it requires Elements 4.01 for Mac-and that update hasn’t shipped yet. Adobe has stated that Elements 4.01 update will ship “soon” and that in the meantime, Elements 4.0 can use the last release of Camera Raw 3.x which was Camera Raw 3.7 and available for download from

Direct download links: Camera Raw 3.7 for Mac, Camera Raw 3.7 for Windows.

May 31, 2007

About Camera Raw 4.1

Adobe has released Camera Raw 4.1, and rather than a small update just for new cameras, this one is major. New features and new functionality are showing up in a long awaited upgrade of Camera Raw’s sharpening controls, a new control called Clarity, enhanced noise reduction and two new defringing controls in lens correction. All told, there is a surprising amount of “new” in Camera Raw 4.1.

Click Image to see full sized image

May 30, 2007

Camera Raw 4.1 Update Now Available for Download

The Camera Raw 4.1 update announced earlier this week is now available for downloading from the Camera Raw product page. This release brings a host of advancements-which PhotoshopNews will be writting about shortly. As part of the download DNG Converter 4.1 is also available which along with Camera Raw 4.1 adds the following new cameras:

May 29, 2007

Adobe Announces Photoshop Camera Raw 4.1 Update and DNG Converter

The Camera Raw 4.1 update includes improved noise reduction and sharpening tools and raw file support for 13 additional camera models and camera backs. This update also builds on the raw file support integrated in the Photoshop family of products.

May 1, 2007

Tom Fors Releases ACRCalibrator 1.0


Tom Fors, the author of the AcrCalibrator script has released his final 1.0 version. It is available for download now from his web site chromoholics, oh, yeah, and it’s still free.

AcrCalibrator is a Javascript that can be loaded in Photoshop CS2 and CS3 to automate the process of determining the optimal camera calibration settings of your particular camera.

Apr 18, 2007

Adobe Camera Raw 4.0 update adds Lumix support

Camera Raw version 4.0, released with Adobe Photoshop CS3 is also available as a download with a new DNG Converter version with support for Panasonic’s Lumix DMC-FZ8 model. Users of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom who shoot with the Lumix can use the DNG Convertor to convert files for import into Lightroom. A future update to Lightroom will incorporate this and potentially new cameras. No word yet on a Lightroom update.

Check the Camera Raw product page for additional info and downloads.

Dec 15, 2006

Do Camera Raw 4 and Lightroom B4.1 settings work together?

As the release of Photoshop CS3 and Camera Raw 4 gets into the wild, there are some questions regarding whether the Camera Raw 4 settings-which look a lot like Lightroom’s raw settings-are interoperable with Lightroom beta 4.1. No says Lightroom product manager Tom Hogarty in this Lightroom forum thread.

Dec 14, 2006

Adobe Photoshop CS3 at a glance

With the release of the Adobe Photoshop CS3 public beta, users who already have a Photoshop CS2 serial number will be able to download and install the brand new version of Photoshop-at least in its current beta form.

One of the things users will notice is a new application icon which heralds the beginning of the new Creative Suite 3 icon art.

Be aware also that it will take some time to get it downloaded-the Mac version is 684MB (including Bridge and Camera Raw 4) and the Windows version is 355MB. The larger Mac file size is due largely because it’s a Universal Binary that includes both the PPC as well as MacIntel optimized code.

Dec 7, 2006

Camera Raw Version Control Package for Mac and now Windows

Press Release: Ben Long at has posted a Windows version of his ACR Version Control package. For raw shooters who use Adobe Camera Raw as their raw converter, this free set of applications makes it simple to create and manage multiple versions of the same raw document.

Nov 28, 2006

New Adobe Digital Photography Primers

Adobe has posted new white papers and primers available as PDF downloads. The PDFs are available from the Digital Imaging Solutions for Pro Photographers page (scroll to the bottom) and from the More Papers and Primers page.

Nov 7, 2006

Deke Does Raw Announces Release of Photoshop CS2: Mastering Camera Raw In-Depth Overview of Top Database Application’s New Features

Press Release: In the world of digital photography, the raw image is the digital equivalent of a large-format negative. Working with these “digital negatives” allows photographers to have greater artistic control and flexibility during the image-editing process, while still maintaining the integrity of the original raw file. In Photoshop CS2: Mastering Camera Raw, best-selling author Deke McClelland teaches the key principles and techniques for mastering raw photography using the Adobe Camera Raw plug-in.

Oct 31, 2006

Adobe Releases Camera Raw Version 3.6

Adobe has released the final shipping version of Camera Raw 3.6 along with DNG Convertor 3.6. The update is available from the Camera Raw Product page. Click HERE for the Windows download page and HERE for the Macintosh download page.

Oct 6, 2006

Adobe posts public beta of Camera Raw 3.6

Adobe has posted a public beta of Camera Raw version 3.6 with preliminary support for recently released cameras and a fix for compatibility issues with older versions of Photoshop Elements running under Windows.

Sep 20, 2006

Camera Raw/DNG Converter 3.5 Update Posted

This new version of the Camera Raw plug-in replaces the original Camera Raw plug-in that was installed with Adobe Photoshop CS2 and Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0 and 4.0 software. Visit the Camera Raw page for a complete list of supported cameras.

May 8, 2006

Adobe updates Camera Raw to 3.4

Updated Camera Raw 3.4 Plug-in Now Supports Over 120 Camera Models With Eight New Cameras from Canon, Epson, Leaf, Olympus, Pentax and Samsung

Press Release: SAN JOSE, Calif. – May 8, 2006 – Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced an update to the Camera Raw plug-in for Adobe(r) Photoshop(r) CS2, extending raw file support to eight additional digital camera models. Available as a free download from the Adobe Web site, the Camera Raw 3.4 plug-in builds on Photoshop CS2 raw file support for digital cameras from leading manufacturers such as Canon, Epson, Leaf, Olympus, Pentax and Samsung.

Mar 1, 2006

Thumbnail previews of Camera Raw images do not display as expected (Adobe Bridge 1.0)

Source: Adobe Bridge Support

Issue: Thumbnail previews of Camera Raw images in Adobe Bridge 1.0 display too dark or too light.