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Dec 21, 2007

A book roundup of 2007


As we approach the end of 2007 we wanted to ask some of the leading figures in the Photoshop community which books they had found most inspiring and in the case of authors, which books they had written were they most proud of. We got some interesting and quite varied responses. So if you are still stuck for ideas about what to get a Photoshop geek for Christmas, here are some reading tips from the experts.

To keep this article seasonal we didn’t want it to be entirely about Photoshop and digital imaging. We did also ask people to nominate a book for recreational reading. After all, the holiday season is a time for relaxing and leaving work to one side! To help you find out more about the books recommended here we have created links to for all the books featured here.

Aug 2, 2006

Lovable ‘Love Soup’

Source: The Washington Times

Love Soup,” a quirky new romantic sitcom from Britain, debuts Tuesdays at 10:00PM Eastern on BBC America.

May 3, 2006

01:01:03 on 04.05.06

For those of you who put the day of the month in front of the month (the European method of designating days of the month), shortly after 1 AM tonight the time/date will be 01:02:03 04.05.06.

Is this significant? I don’t know. All I know is that last month, on the 5th of April, I missed the North American time/date designation of 01:02:03 04.05.06 so I didn’t want to miss this opportunity to mention it to my European friends.

Apr 24, 2006

The Hand-made camera of Miroslav Tichy

Source: Michael Hoppen Gallery
Tichý is truly one of the great ‘finds’ of an unknown artists who worked on the outside edges of the art world. Following the communist takeover Tichý spent some eight years in prison camps and jails for no particular reason other than he was ‘different’ and was considered subversive. Upon his release in the early 70’s, Tichý wandered his small town in rags, pursuing his obsession as an artist with the female form by photographing in the streets, shops and parks with cameras he made from tin cans, childrens spectacle lenses and other junk he found on the street. He would return home each day to make prints on equally primitive equipment, making only one print from the negatives he selected.

Aug 3, 2005

Civic Leaders Think City Has Too Much Art

Source: Wired News
Written By Garance Burke-Associated Press Writer

CARMEL-BY-THE-SEA, Calif. (AP) — The artists discovered this village in the early 1900s and put up wooden cottages where they could paint the shoreline and the coastal pines. Then the art dealers arrived, with their silky scarves, their flute-filled soundtracks and their airy galleries.

Jun 30, 2005

John Warnock Strikes Gold-Again

From the San Jose Mercury News comes a report by columnist Leigh Weimers that John Warnock has won an award not for being a founder of Adobe Systems, Inc. but for having one of the top restaurants in the state of Utah.

The Blue Boar Inn is a four star Inn and Restaurant situated on the edge of the beautiful Heber Valley in the small town of Midway, Utah. Perhaps this is the ultimate Photoshop destination in Utah!

Jun 15, 2005

Everybody’s art

A face-to-face gathering of online artists puts critics on the sidelines
Source: Chicago Tribune
Written By Eric Gwinn

A few weeks ago, the nation’s arts critics descended on Los Angeles and, as critics are wont to do, started complaining.

Apr 26, 2005

Raw Wars – Episode 7, Empire Resurrection

I just hacked George Lucas’s computer and found what looks like the latest script for his follow up to the Star Wars saga.

Apr 18, 2005

Macromedia Weblogs – Mike Chambers, Developer Relations Product Manager

Blogged by Mike Chambers – News, resources, info and links on everything Flash from a Macromedia Product Manager for Developer Relations.

Well, as you probably have probably heard by now, Macromedia and Adobe announced this morning that our companies are combining. If you are like me, then I am sure there are a ton of questions going through your head. We have put up a mini site with more information, but I wanted to make a quick post to put some more context around what is happening.

Apr 6, 2005

Newsreaders Cut to the Chase – OT

By John Gartner

Finding exhaustive (exhausting?) coverage of the media’s top stories du jour is a snap. Finding articles that are interesting and important to you, however, can take hours.

The good news is that publishers and software developers are teaming up to deliver timely articles of your choosing to your virtual doorstep — and you don’t even have to tip the delivery boy. Newsreaders (no, not Peter Jennings) can avoid the sordid and salacious headlines (unless that’s what you’re into) and maximize your news trawl time.

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Sep 1, 2004


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