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Oct 16, 2006

Could a 30-in. monitor help you do your job faster?

prodshot_30_inch_3display.jpgA French IT consultant says yes, but productivity experts disagree
Source: ComputerWorld
Written by Todd Weiss

Providing employees with 30-in. computer monitors can boost worker productivity at companies where 17- or 19-in. monitors are typically used, according to a French consultant hired for a study sponsored by Apple Computer Inc.

The study, which evaluated Apple’s 30-in. Apple Cinema Display, concluded that large screens can offer gains of up to 50% to 65% in productivity on a variety of specific office tasks and can earn back their extra costs in time savings over several years. The 30-in. display costs $1,999.

Aug 28, 2006

Artificial muscles light up TVs

Diffraction grateArrays of thousands of tiny “super prisms” controlled by robotic muscles could bring real colour to TV screens for the first time, scientists say.

Source: BBC News
By Jonathan Fildes

The devices, known as electrically tunable diffraction gratings, have been built by researchers in Switzerland.

They manipulate light to reproduce the full spectrum of colours on screen, impossible using existing technology.

Oct 12, 2005

SWOP Certifies ORIS Soft Proof™ Virtual Proofing System for Apple and Eizo Displays

Adobe Acrobat-based soft proofing workflow approved for advertisers and publishers of web-printed publications

Press Release: Minneapolis, MN – Advertisers, agencies and major publishers have reacted favorably to last week’s SWOP certification of CGS Publishing Technologies International’s digital soft proofing system. With solid approvals by the review committee, CGS’ interactive soft proofing system, ORIS Soft Proof, was granted SWOP certification for the 23″ Apple Cinema and the Eizo ColorEdge CG2200 displays.

May 19, 2005

New Samsung panel pictures inch-thick TV

Samsung has devised a 40-inch panel for that could lead to television sets that measure a little more than an inch thick.