Jul 24, 2009

He’s Back. Mark Hamburg Returns to Adobe

After over a year spent working at Microsoft’s Redmond, Washington offices, Mark Hamburg has resigned from Microsoft to rejoin Adobe Systems, Inc. where he will again be working in the Digital Imaging department. Mark, a former Photoshop Architect and the founding engineer on Lightroom had gone to Microsoft to work on new usability for Windows. His decision to return to Adobe is more a statement of desire to again work on products in the digital imaging realm rather than a more research driven project. News of his return is official as of Friday, July 24th, 2009.

Check out Mark’s going away party from April, 2008. For more information about Mark check out the Shadowland/Lightroom Development Story. Mark will be working from home and the Seattle office of Adobe while the family decides whether or not to return to the San Jose area. It’s also not clear as of yet exactly what projects Mark will be working on. He will be briefed about on going projects and news is expected in the coming weeks. It’s not thought that he plans to rejoin the Lightroom engineering team at this time. The DI department handles all of Adobe’s pro level imaging apps such as the Creative Suite apps of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Soundbooth as well as others. Lightroom and Camera Raw/DNG are also under the DI roof.

Welcome back Mark, we missed ya!

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