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Jan 29, 2009

I’m Baaaack!

2,200+ miles on board the ship and 13,000+ miles on planes and we’re finally back from Antarctica. I shot a little over 12K captures for just under 250 gigs of images. I set a new personal record of 70 gigs in one 24 hour period (which is pretty easy when you have 24 hours of sun!).

Jan 5, 2009

On the Road to Antarctica–Trip 3

We’re getting the band back together and going on the road (well, the Drake Passage is more like it). The “gang” of JP Caponigro, Steve Johnson, Seth Resnick and myself are joining Michael Reichmann for another Antarctic Adventure. Seth and I leave Tues. the 6th although we don’t get to Ushuaia until the nite of the 7th. There the four amigos will have a couple of days to hang and shoot before the rest of the group get down on the 9th. Our ship leaves Ushuaia the evening of the 10th.

Here’s Michael decked out with too many cameras from the first trip.

I’m going to make really sure I keep my distance from seals–so I’ll be using my new 300mm F2.8 Canon lens for close ups! The ship’s doc Scott reported that on his last trip yet another passenger was bitten by a seal–this time the expedition leader–so maybe the seals are unhappy with all the tourists coming through their turf. But this trip we won’t be seeing fur seals (at least I doubt it) as we are doing the Antarctic Circle trip and going South to at least 66º 33′ 39″. Scott also reported that on his last trip, the inclinometer hit 40º for the ship’s roll, so Seth and I have our magic seasickness remedy all planned out–the “patch” and lot’s of wine!

We’ll see f Seth does the “polar plunge” again (he has on the previous two trips) and once again, I plan on being his personal photographer for the event (there’s simply now firiggin’ way I would get in THAT water).

Christopher Sanderson will once again be coming along to document our crazy adventure and Thomas Knoll will once again be joining us (we plan on working on Thomas for new features of Camera Raw and Lightroom). Kevin Raber from Phase One will have a couple of P65+ backs to play with so expect plenty of really large, high rez shots to be produced.

If you want to see the results of our first trip, check out ANTARCTICA EXPEDITION in the PSN Feature Stories. Since we still won’t have net access on board the ship, there’s really no way to post anything while on the trip, but I’ll be sure to let you know when we return–sometime around the 25th of Jan.