Sep 16, 2008

Adobe Announces CS4 Announcement

Not known for its ability to keep secrets, Adobe has announced that it will announce Creative Suite 4 (CS4) which will presumably include Photoshop CS4 (we don’t “know” this because the announcement of the announcement was a bit vague). But you can find out for sure by registering for an invite-only webcast which will be aired on September 23rd, 2008. The registration page is here.

The reason we “presume” that Photoshop CS4 will be announced along with the rest of the Creative Suite is that Johnny L (John Loiacono, Adobe’s VP of their Creative Business Unit) kinda let the rabbit out of the hat at the Photoshop World Keynote a couple of weeks ago.

John Loiacono, Adobe’s VP of their Creative Business Unit at the PSW Keynote.

Johnny L actually did some Photoshop CS4 demos (much to the mild surprise of other Adobe people since everybody was told NOT to talk about CS4).

Johnny talked about the main goals for CS4…time saving performance, better integration with other CS4 apps and “cutting-edge” new technologies.

One of the cool things demo’ed was some new 3d features.

Keynote attendees were given 3D glasses to get the full effect.

A technology “sneak peak”, Photoshop CS10 will come with a free Vulcan Mind-meld option so you can connect directly to Scott Kelby’s mind.

Johnny L also revealed the launch of Scott Kelby’s 2012 Presidential Campaign. He said something about “Visualize the Future” and indicated that much of Scott’s campaign would be centered around “Photoshopping Our Future” (ok, Johnny didn’t say Photoshopping–he’s not allowed to by Adobe legal).

Now, back to the announcement of the announcement…even John Nack had this to say on his blog CS4: Nearing the door.

By the way, will be at the announcement and be posting some info from San Francisco next week.

Photoshop CS4, one week to wait to find out when…

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