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Aug 12, 2008

Photography as a Weapon

Boing Boing’s contest entry. (, submitted by THEBLUEONE)

Source: The New York Times blogs
Written by Errol Morris

As almost everyone knows by now, various major daily newspaper published, on July 10, a photograph of four Iranian missiles streaking heavenward; then Little Green Footballs (significantly, a blog and not a daily newspaper) provided evidence that the photograph had been faked. Later, many of those same papers published a Whitman’s sampler of retractions and apologies. For me it raised a series of questions about images.[1] Do they provide illustration of a text or an idea of evidence of some underlying reality or both? And if they are evidence, don’t we have to know that the evidence is reliable, that it can be trusted?

Aug 12, 2008

Lightroom-News Posts Tom Hogarty Interview (Photoshop News’ sister site) has posted an interview with Tom Hogarty, the Product Manager for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (can you say that in one breath?). Tom is also Product Manager for Camera Raw and DNG. Our own Martin Evening did the interview (pretty much by email although I think there were a few phone calls thrown in as well–particularly about a “permissions” issue).

Read the interview here.

Note: the portrait of Tom is uncredited (and no, I didn’t do it).

Aug 12, 2008

Olympic Fireworks Faked For TV

Parts of the spectacular Beijing Olympics opening ceremony were faked, it has emerged.

From Mark Stone, SkyNews

Super-imposed footprint fireworks: Pictures BBC

The global television audience of more than three billion people watched in amazement as a series of giant footprints outlined in fireworks proceeded through the night sky from Tiananmen Square to the Bird’s Nest stadium – except they were watching a computer animation.