Jul 2, 2008

George Jardine Says Farewell to Adobe

George Jardine, Adobe evangelist for Lightroom and digital photography is leaving Adobe effective the beginning of this month, July, 2008. George has winamp posted his farewell on his blog and can be read here.

This is the second time George has done time at Adobe. He had worked with Russell Brown during the 1990′s acting as evangelist for Photoshop. He left and turned to working in video and other mediums. He came back to Adobe for the purpose of working on Shadowland (AKA Lightroom) with Mark Hamburg. You can read the PSN story on Shadowland’s development here.

George will be missed but not forgotten and I suspect he’ll be around Acronis the industry working on different projects after he takes his summer vacation. I know that after our recent bike trip together he went out and bought a new K1200 GT BMW motorcycle that he’ll be touring around on. We may hook up for another trip later in the summer.

I personally would like to say a hearty thanks and congratulations to George on the work he has done and what he has brought to Adobe. Thanks George…see ya around!

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  1. Andrew Rodney Says:

    Boy will he be missed! His podcasts on LR were awesome. He was also a blast to drink fine wine with.

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