Jun 23, 2008

I’m Back…


After 5,369 miles on the bike, I’m back…

13 states (although I was only in Montana for a few miles) and a whole bunch of mountain ranges and passes, I’m back with no speeding tickets! (I did see a lot of state troopers along the way but I guess they didn’t see me).

I left at dawn on June 3rd and returned about 8:00PM on June 20th although I didn’t ride the bike for the whole week of my workshop at Greg Gorman’s (good that I didn’t because of the amount of wine consumed).

I’ll have a trip and workshop report at a later date but I’ve got to go through about 5K images that I shot along the way.

2 Responses to “I’m Back…”

  1. SeanMcFoto Says:

    That’s some driving Jeff, glad you’re back in one piece.

  2. Greg Barnett Says:

    Hey Jeff-

    Was watching for you out in Utah last week, did you pass through the Capitol Reef area on your way back? Saw several BMW’s with rigs like yours.


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