May 2, 2008

Spend a Week Working with Greg and Jeff

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The sunset view from Greg Gorman’s Mendocino home & studio.

June 8-13, 2008

Delight your senses, hone your craft and maximize your technical expertise at the most unique photographic venue this June, 2008 in Mendocino, California*. Immerse yourself in the secrets of the pros within a small intimate setting during a week-long workshop at Greg’s personal studio adjacent to his home. Nestled in the picturesque coast of the Pacific, the studio offers an amazing backdrop for photography students – redwood forests, vineyards, and the spectacular local sites of Northern California.

Indulging each attendee with a combination of digital photography and comfortable hospitality, Greg Gorman begins the week with an evening “meet and greet” dinner in his home followed by an orientation meeting with the instructors and models. The dinner provides a platform of intimacy within the small group setting and enables Greg to familiarize and focus on the individual student and his/her portfolio and experience.

Daily workshops offer opportunities to shoot in studio and on location and each student may choose to concentrate on his/her individual preference of portraits, nudes or a wide variety of Northern California locations. Evening entertainment includes wine tastings and a final dinner.

Sessions feature both the expertise of Greg Gorman, plus one of his professional guests per quarterly workshop and provide:
• camera demos, including setup and download
• editing techniques
• color management training and tools for monitor calibration
• Photoshop/Camera Raw & Lightroom lessons
• fine art printing techniques
• actual printing of images for all students
• two models
• in-studio and location shoots
• gifts from workshop sponsors
• daily gourmet lunches prepared by Chef Ueli
• wrap-up dinner prepared by Chef Ueli with slideshow and presentation gifts

Students are required to bring:
• personal portfolio
• digital camera (power supply and battery)
• flashcards
• lap top computer with OSX or PC equivalent and a mouse and installed imaging software
(Photoshop CS3 and/or Lightroom suggested)

*Mendocino is located north of San Francisco/Oakland (the closest airports). The drive time from San Francisco/Oakland to Mendocino is three hours. We can offer hotel referrals and transportation suggestions.

About Guest Instructor Jeff Schewe

Jeff Schewe is a Photoshop Guru’s Guru. He’s on the inside of the development and testing of Photoshop and has helped guide and direct many features since Photoshop 4.0.

He is also the co-author of Real World Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop CS3, the definitive book on Camera Raw. Jeff has also been involved with the development of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom since the very beginning. See this PSN story for more info.

Shots from previous workshops

The house…

…and the studio which serve as the base of operations for the workshop.

Greg and the crew getting prepared for the Sunday arrival of the attendees.

The opening orientation with the students in the studio.

Greg does an opening slide show before the class goes over to the house for dinner.

Chef Ueli prepares the dinner…

…and plates the main course.

Greg teaching how to work with models…

After taking several shots, he shows the students what the shot looked like on the back of the camera.

A variety of locations are available depending on weather. Here the class is at the dunes.

Greg talking and directing the class in the dunes.

A couple of shots from Jeff Schewe (above and below).

There are beach locations for shooting…

…as well as other locations where Greg has secured permission to shoot.

Here’s Greg checking exposure for a student. (Nice to have Greg as an assistant).

Greg also covers studio lighting and explains his signature “look”.

There are nightly critiques and imaging lessons.

There is a delicious lunch served each day.

There’s also plenty of time for students to work on their shots in Camera Raw, Photoshop and/or Lightroom.

Greg also covers shooting under natural light in the studio using the studio’s built in large windows with or without scrims.

Here some students shoot while others check their shots.

One of the best locations is down at the point on Greg’s property at sunset.

A shot by Jeff.

Greg shooting a model.

Greg also goes over each student’s work, helping prepare images for printing.

A variety of student prints in the viewing box.

Greg showing off some of the vino consumed the week Jeff Schewe was last at Greg’s Mendocino workshop.

To register:
phone: 818.242.0102
Or email:
Price of week-long workshop: $4250

Hotel suggestions:
Fensalden Inn – 707.937.4042
Packard House B&B – 707.937.2677
Pacific Mists – 707.937.1543
Seafoam Lodge – 800.606.1827
Albion River Inn – 707.937.1919

About Greg Gorman
(Excerpted from a commentary by Peter Weiermair, Director, The Rupertinum, Salzburg, Austria)

“Gorman is part of the classical tradition. During the 1970’s and 80’s, he concentrated heavily on details of facial features like eyes, etc. In recent years Gorman has attained the consummate mastery of light and lighting which also distinguishes the studio photography of Horst P. Horst, G. Hurrell, and George Platt Lynes. In Gorman’s studio portraits, the play of light lends faces and bodies to ethereal quality as if they glowed from within. His work looks back on a long tradition which has evolved from early 20th century fashion and portrait photography.

His photographs have the quality,­ a mark of all great portrait photograph, ­ of allowing the subject to unfold his or her own personality in front of the lens. We should always bear in mind that photography began as alchemy, a magical process. Particularly in the field of portrait photography, where the here and now is caught and transfixed, it has retained that magical quality. Most of Gorman’s subjects are people in the public eye,­ actors, artists and architects,­ people in the public at large. We experience them only in films and in the icons of photographic illustration. They and their bodies are figments of our imagination in a modern mythology. Photography is the projection of a figure, evoked, it is true, by reality yet, like all photographs, these are, in reality, fiction.” –Peter Weiermair

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