Mar 19, 2008

Mac OS X for Photographers by Rod Wynne-Powell

macosx4photogs-1.jpgWith so many photographers using Macintosh computers, it was high time that someone should write a book that was specifically designed to help photographers understand better how the Macintosh OSX system works and how to troubleshoot some of the common problems photographers face.

Mac OS X for Photographers is written by Rod Wynne-Powell a UK based author and an acknowledged Mac and Photoshop expert.According to Rod, the book covers Tiger and some of Leopard as it relates to Photographers. Solving Photoshop and related Mac hardware and software problems is a crucial and urgent need in a working environment when things can and do go wrong.
Rod Wynne-Powell explains how the Mac operating system works and the pitfalls you are likely to fall into.He shows you how to get the best out of your system and improve efficiency. This is the only book on Macs specifically for photographers and digital image makers, written by a digital imaging consultant, trainer, photographer and Photoshop alpha tester who answers digital image makers’ Mac queries every day. Wynne-Powell speaks the same language as photographers.

* The only Mac OS X book written by a photographer and digital imaging expert specifically for the digital imaging industry

* Invaluable tips on trouble-shooting and running software on a Mac, clearly explained with full colour images and screen-grabs

Photo: © Jeff Schewe 2008

Rod Wynne-Powell runs Solutions Photographic as a retoucher, trainer and consultant for digital photographers. He is an accomplished photographer and an alpha tester for Adobe Photoshop, and acts as technical checker for Martin Evenings Adobe Photoshop for Photographers, also published by Focal Press.

“A really useful book that explains how to escape from those inexplicable Mac conundrums and crashes and keep your Mac and Photoshop running sweetly.”
Adam Woolfitt, photographer and author, UK

“Please send me a copy as soon as the ink is dry!”
Katrin Eismann, author, educator and ‘Photoshop Diva’, USA

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