Jan 21, 2008

Jeff & Mike Tape Camera Raw Video Tutorial


Photo by Michael Reichmann shot with his new Nikon D3 (I wasn’t sure I would show up on a Nikon capture but I did).

You may have noticed I didn’t make any posts last week. I was busy! (and 10-12 hour taping days really takes it out of ya). Michael Reichmann of The Luminous Landscape was in Chicago with his trusty video pal Christopher taping Michael and I doing our upcoming Camera Raw video tutorial.

It should be out in a month or so but what we though was going to be a relatively simple 2-3 hour tutorial seemed to grow as we shot. In addition to the usual fare of how to use Camera Raw in Bridge and Photoshop turned into quite a production. We cover a lot of ground…including Camera Raw, shooting tethered with the new 1DsMIII, Smart Objects, camera calibration (we invited Tom Fors the author of the AcrCalibrator to “teach Michel” how to do it right) and we even taped Thomas Knoll, the founder and primary author of Camera Raw answering questions about Camera Raw. So, I’m pretty sure the final video tutorial will be running a few hours longer (6+ hours is a guess). But hey, Mike and I had fun again–notice the boring and conservative shirt he’s wearing? This time it was Michael shooting snapshots and he’s going to post a few later when he gets them edited.

Oh, did I mention we taped a segment on wine?

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