Jan 8, 2008

On The Road to Long Beach, CA

I’m off on a little trip out to Long Beach, CA home of Epson USA. Can’t tell ya why…just that I’m going (along with a few friends). The topper of the trip will be dinner at Greg Gorman’s house on Wednesday night. I won’t be back until Friday (although I’ll be coming off the downhill leg of the redeye from LA so don’t expect too much wisdom and wit on Friday).

Next week is also going to be rather busy…Michael Reichmann and his trusty videographer Chris Sanderson will be in town. We’ll be taping an upcoming video tutorial all about Camera Raw. Included in the video will be an interview with the Camera Raw engineering team as well as an appearance by Tom Fors talking about camera calibration and demoing his AcrCalibrator.

Busy, busy…

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