Jan 3, 2008

2008 – Year of the Mac?

Source: ZDNet
Posted by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

Data released by Net Applications for December 2007 tells us something that most of us already knew – that Mac is on a roll and gaining momentum every month.


While we should be careful about drawing market share conclusions from the Net Applications data (because this data only tells us what computers and operating systems are used to access a broad selection of web sites), month on month the Mac OS has seen stronger numbers.  Back in January 2006 Mac stood at 4.21%, by December 2006 this had risen to 5.67%, and then to a robust 7.31% by December 2007.  Either Mac users are surfing the web more, or the market share is growing.  Given how Net Applications collects this data, it’s safe to assume that market share has grown roughly in proportion with these figures.

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