Dec 11, 2007

Women Spend More Time in Photoshop Than Men?

According to wakoopa, a software use tracking application and web site, the most used software (among people who registered and downloaded the tracking app) was Firefox which was used by 8905 people for 102,859 hours in the tracking period. Photoshop CS3 was used by 3869 people for a total of 23,234 hours. And, according to TechCrunch, wakoopa shows that Tuesday is the day that users play games the least while women spend about twice the time in Photoshop than men.

It’s not clear whether men work faster than women or that men aren’t as graphically inclined than women (seriously, we’re not making any judgments on this, we’re just reporting what the numbers are). Also, the wakoopa scheme seems to attract a certain, shall we say geeky sort? There’s also the issue of privacy and accuracy. The privacy aspects are stated here and if you want some background on the founder, check here. If you are intrigued by the wakoopa concept, there’s even a wakoopa blog. They also post little tidbits of info such as “Did you know the average computer user has 54 pieces of software?” and “World of Warcraft is played most on sunday, and least on tuesday”.

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