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Nov 27, 2007

Camera Raw 4.3 and Compressed D100 Raw Captures

There has been confirmation of an issue with the most recent version of Camera Raw (4.3) and Lightroom version 1.3 when processing Nikon D100 raw captures(additional cameras that use compressed NEFs are also effected including; D1H, D1Hs, and D1X) when the camera is set to compress the NEF file. The results are incorrect color casts. The suggested work around is to either:

1. Set the camera to use uncompressed NEF files. (The bug is limited to compressed files.)
2. Use the DNG Converter version 4.2 (not 4.3) to convert the compressed NEF files to DNG, and then use them with Camera Raw 4.3 or Lightroom 1.3.

Indication are that there is going to be a Camera Raw 4.3.1 interim update to address this issue in the very near future. It’s expected that a minor update to Lightroom will also be released. No exact time table has been indicated other than “soon”.

The Lightroom User to User forum had a post outlining the issue with confirming posts by Thomas Knoll regarding the problem. See: v1.3 and Nikon D100 NEF files – Not so good!