Nov 14, 2007

What did he say?


John Nack, Photoshop’s senior product manager only posted a few words on his Adobe Blog, but the words have kept reverberating for days… It all started with a post entitled Photoshop, as seen through Johnny Cash.

As a direct result, a host of articles have sprung up around the net taking John’s post and examining it in minute detail to try to read the tea leaves of Photoshop’s future:

Brace yourself for Adobe’s Photoshop overhaul by Stephen Shankland of CNET

Adobe’s John Nack On Improving Photoshop by Scott Gilbertson of WIRED

Photoshop Boss: Time to Trim Down by Jeff Gamet of the Mac Observer

Photoshop set for UI overhaul by Barry Collins of PC Pro

Adobe to revamp Photoshop on Platinex

New task oriented Adobe Photoshop UI in the works by Tyrus Antas on Tekwasp

In fact, John’s post got Slashdotted by CowboyNeal–Adobe to Unclutter Photoshop UI–which led to a radical increase in traffic to his blog and prompted a clarification by John on some of the points, see: Clarification on “Johnny Cash”.

All of which contributed to a massive amount of commentary on the original story as well as a variety of forum posts and other discussion. This one in particular finally got closed by Adobe’s moderator, Brace Yourself for Adobe’s Photoshop overhaul. That thread referred back to a posting on and the reference to John’s original post titled Photoshop, as seen through Johnny Cash with a photo of Johnny Nack by me.

So, what does this all mean? I have no idea. At least for John, the top Adobe story this week became Bruce Chizen’s resignation which has climed to the top of the Photoshop Google results.

Ooops, seems yet another article on John’s post comes up on top of Yahoo News, Photoshop producer promises re-design of bloated U.I. posted by Mathew on

Oh, well, it was good for a while there John.

If nothing else, it confirms that Photoshop users are a rabid group that will jump on any clue to the future of their beloved application, and that poor Johnny Nack will need to parse what he writes on his blog very carefully. Fortunately, Adobe gives John a lot of freedom and a platform from which to speak. And, that’s a good thing

Oh, yeah, I did the above shot of John too.


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