Nov 12, 2007

PixelNovel Releases Adobe Photoshop Files Comparison Tool for Photoshop Professionals

ComparePSD makes it easy for Photoshop professionals to compare two PSD files layer-by-layer, effect-by-effect and find the differences.

Press Release: London, UK (PRWEB) November 9, 2007 — PixelNovel, the company behind Flickrshop, a free Adobe Photoshop plug-in for uploading files to, unveils ComparePSD, an Adobe Photoshop files comparison tool. ComparePSD is aimed to help graphic designers and other professionals compare two PSD files and quickly spot the differences.

ComparePSD features an intuitive interface which resembles the Adobe Photoshop layers palette to simplify the user’s experience. ComparePSD highlights mismatching layers and effects in red and offers a preview area where a user can zoom in and zoom out the images synchronously.

“I used to work as a graphic designer and when I worked on a large project, I often found myself in the situation where I was looking for the PSD file with the original layers among the flattened copies. I had to open every file of the project in Adobe Photoshop and check the layers. It took an incredibly long time,” said Natalia Lukicheva, a co-founder of PixelNovel. “If you are a designer or a Photoshop professional, ComparePSD will save you significant time and get your PSD files organized.”

The current version of ComparePSD works with the MS Windows® operating systems ranging from MS Windows 98 to MS Windows Vista. A version for Mac OS X is planned for a later release.

The program features include:

  • Layer-by-layer comparison of two Adobe Photoshop files
  • Handling layers styles (effects), style attributes and layers visibility flags
  • Scaled view of the PSD files that helps to find differences easier
  • Option to select the Adobe Photoshop files in Windows Explorer by right-clicking them

In-depth information on the application’s functionality and screenshots are available at the PixelNovel Web site.Availability and pricing
The trial version of ComparePSD can be downloaded for a free, 15-day evaluation from the PixelNovel Web site. A registered version can be purchased at the ComparePSD purchase page. The price for the personal license is $29.95 and the price for the business license is $49.95.

About PixelNovel:
PixelNovel is a software company specializing in innovative tools for Adobe Photoshop users. The company’s aim is to bring simplicity and elegance to day-to-day work for all graphic professionals at a reasonable price. Based in London, UK, PixelNovel employs an efficient team of IT experts who have real-life Photoshop experience.

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