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Oct 29, 2007

Photoshop inventor gets Lifetime Innovator award

Source: Oakland Business Review
Written by Nathan Bomey

For Thomas Knoll, manipulating pixels topped his priority list in 1987.

Never mind that the sideline effort distracted him from working on his doctoral degree in computer information and control engineering at the University of Michigan.

Because the payoff yielded a landmark result: His tangential project changed the software industry forever.

Oct 29, 2007

Adobe Posts OS X Leopard Compatibility Statement

Adobe has posted a PDF outlining Adobe application compatibility for Creative Suite 3 apps as well as a host of other Adobe applications. The six page, 120KB PDF can be downloaded here.

First weekend reports around the net indicate most Adobe apps such as Photoshop CS3 and Bridge are working with no significant issues. Issues have been reported for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom version 1.2 which will be addressed in an upcoming update.

Also due for compatibility updates are Premiere Pro CS3 and Soundbooth CS3. Earlier versions such as Creative Suite 2 and former Macromedia apps are listed as being “Not Designed for OS X Leopard” and users are warned that these versions are “likely to encounter issues for which there is no resolution”.

Apple only made the final GM shipping versions of Leopard available to ADC members late last week so all sorts of software developers are scrambling to double check Leopard compatibilities this week.