Oct 26, 2007

PDN PhotoPlus Expo 2007

Photos © 2007 by Martin Evening and Andrew Rodney

The annual PDN Photo Plus event took place from the 18th–20th October at the Javits Center, New York. Once again, the Pixel Geniuses were all out in force at the show, as were many of our friends and colleagues at Adobe. Here is a picture diary of some of the things that happened last week, with photographs by myself and Andrew Rodney.


If you haven’t attended PhotoPlus Expo before, it’s a huge event where camera manufacturers, software companies and just about anyone connected with the photography industry gathers to show off their wares and catch up on the latest innovations. PDN doesn’t exactly take over all of the Javits Center, but the show still manages to take over most of the main floor.


Jeff Schewe was pretty much everywhere, speaking at the Adobe booth, doing demos at the Canon stand, signing prints as well as presenting seminars in the conference rooms downstairs.


Jeff even brought his special “third eye” to make sure he got the shot.


Here is Jeff in action handing out prizes at the end of his talk on Camera Raw in Photoshop. Jeff’s also got a new book coming out: a revised CS3 update to the late Bruce Fraser’s Real World Camera Raw book.


Also at the Adobe booth you could meet Adobe experts such as Tom Hogarty (product manager of Photoshop Lightroom sporting a new half-beard) who were on hand to answer customer questions about Lightroom and Photoshop.


At night it was time to go find somewhere to eat. Pictured here are (left to right): Andrew Rodney, Becky Schewe, Jeff Schewe, Mac Holbert and Seth Resnick.


Uh oh, looks like Jeff was about to take one of his famous upside down, between the legs, looking back shots!


No, wrong. It’s me shooting Jeff shooting me with Michael Reichmann of the Luminous-landscape looking on pityingly.


Mac Holbert of Nash Editions photographed with Andrew Rodney’s Halloween style lighting.


Seth Resnick speaking at the Adobe booth.


Seth again during his presentation on ‘One Photographer’s Workflow Solution’. Note Seth’s hard drive held together with Gaffer tape, thanks to an over-zealous TSA person who dismantled the drive at a security check but forgot to replace (or return) the screws.


There were also private meetings with Adobe engineers where invited Photoshop and Lightroom testers were given sneak previews of what might be coming up in the future. Here is a shot of me with Zorna Gee in the foreground. I can’t tell you what they showed me, but I guess you can tell I was quite excited by the demo.

The Pixel Mafia dinner


No Photo Plus gathering is complete without the annual Pixel Mafia dinner, which this year was held back at Zoe’s in Prince Street, SoHo with almost 70 people invited (you know who you were).


George Jardine with Jay Maisel , enjoying a pre-dinner drink.


Seth Resnick, squeezing past John Paul Caponigro


And shown here with his wife Jamie. Seth and Jamie got married shortly after Photo Plus last year and are due to have a baby in March of 2008.


Julieanne Kost from Adobe (looking very pink).


Photoshop engineer Jeff Chien looking very pleased to see Andrew.


Henry Wilhelm of Wilhelm Imaging Research, pictured here with Philip Andrews, who among other things has written the successful series of books on Photoshop Elements.


Stephen Johnson with Steve Gorman in the background.


Addy Roff, marketing manager for the Photoshop family of products with Tom Kuntz from X-RITE trying to hide under a napkin.


Liz Quinlisk of X-RITE with photographer Andy Katz and Suzanne from Lowe Pro.


Myself with Frederick Johnson, the new Adobe marketing manager for Lightroom. We like Frederick – he’s a great new addition to the team.


Addy and Liz, keeping Jay happy!


William Hollingworth from NEC with Andy Katz.


Chris Murphy with Eddie Murphy (note, they are not related, just good friends).


Becky Schewe with Seth and George


Greg Gorman (the Pixel Mafia consiglieri and chooser of the wine) pictured here with photographer Rich Marchosottoi.


Here is one of the bottles drunk that night. Have no idea what it is, but it looks expensive. (Editor’s note: it WAS expensive)


Photoshop engineer Gregg Willenski with your host for the evening, Jeff Schewe (aka The Godfather).


Time for us to settle up and leave. Was it something I said Steve?

Meanwhile, the show went on…


Peter Krogh was at the Adobe booth each day presenting on how to work with metadata in Lightroom.


And despite the evening’s excess the night before, Andrew, JP, Mac, Jeff and Greg were on call to present a group conference the next morning for the Epson Print Academy. Although Jeff’s voice was beginning to fade by then!

With so much going on there was barely time to check out the other stands at the show. Canon had sample camera bodies of the latest EOS 1Ds MkIII camera with its larger sensor, bigger screen and live video display. Nikon was also getting a lot of attention with the new Nikon D3 camera. Epson exhibited some great prints made with the latest Exhibition Fiber Paper (that PixelGenius has produced free profiles for) and there were daily print signings by well known photographers.


As I scouted around the rest of the show I wanted to check out the Drobo booth to see their much talked about automated storage system. These drive systems have been out for a while now and are a marvel of simplicity in concept. Check out the site link for more details.


I was also quite taken by the dedicated Dymo CD printer. I know other printers have this as an option, but I liked the compact size and speed at which this thing worked. You also have the software that makes it easy to design and customize your own CD labels.


My Apple 30″ display is nearing the end of its life, so should I upgrade to the latest Eizo FlexScan SX3031W 30″ calibrated display when it comes out next year? The 30″ display market does offer several choices, but this is looking like the best in show so far (but at a steep price).


Oh yeah, and Kodak was giving away free sample film again (there was quite a queue).

Taking time out from the show
For myself, this was also a family trip. One where I was able to travel to New York with my wife, Camilla, and our daughter, Angelica, who is now seven months old.


Oh, and Camilla’s mother Hannah came too, so that Camilla and I could have some time together and get to enjoy all the pixel dinners.

Photograph: © Emily Hartz

Here’s us on our last day in New York, which was unbelievably hot and sunny nearly all the time we stayed there. I also got to shoot a few cityscape pictures (created using the Airtight postcard gallery for Lightroom). Some of these will doubtlessly feature in a future book somewhere.


So that was it for 2007. PhotoPlus Expo will be returning next year. If you want to go in 2008, then bookmark the Photo Plus Expo website.

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