Oct 16, 2007

On the Road to New York City

I’ll be on the road to New York City and PhotoPlus Expo this week. You can check out what PixelGenius will be doing there (including my activities) in This PhotoshopNews story PixelGenius at PhotoPlus Expo.

In addition to those activities I’ll also be in the Canon booth shooting on Thursday at 11:30AM (and yes, I’ll be using a 1Ds MIII) and the Peachpit Booth on Friday at 2PM talking about…Camera Raw of course. I’ll also be doing a print signing at the Epson both on Saturday at 1:45PM (come get a signed print–FREE). Thursday night we’re throwing another annual Pixel Mafia dinner (the usual suspects know where and when).

So, not a lot of posting this week but I have a ton of stories lined up. Oh, yeah, next week I’ll also be gone Monday & Tuesday–I’ll be at a press check for Real World Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop CS3. Seems Peachpit is actually gonna print the thing!

3 Responses to “On the Road to New York City”

  1. SeanMcFoto Says:

    Sounds like an awful lot of work Jeff. Wish I was there for the signed print ;)

    I’ll have to plan this for next year and make my first trip stateside.

  2. Ian Lyons Says:

    Sean, you should try to make the trip sometime. Sadly, I am not able to make it myself this year as I’m elsewhere on business :-(

  3. SeanMcFoto Says:

    Ian, I’d love too.
    Oct is Tax payment time though, so it’s always a bit skinny here! Planning it is the key though, and I’ll aim for next year.

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