Oct 12, 2007

PixelGenius at PhotoPlus Expo


PixelGenius members will be at next week’s PhotoPlus Expo, check out what’s happening and what we’ll be doing.

We all get in early because we’ll be having a PixelGenius meeting (it’s always tough to figure out how to hook up with Martin over in London–although Seth was over there this week for a visit and workshop). Starting on Thursday, October 18th, we’ll be invading the expo and talking up a storm.

Seminars by Members by day:

Thursday, October 18th

Martin Evening will be speaking at the Adobe Booth at 3:30PM and Seth Resnick at 4:15PM.

Seth Resnick: TA10 9:00AM-12:00PM
Digital Workflow Live with Adobe Lightroom

In this presentation, Seth resnick will demonstrate his entire workflow in real time use in Adobe Lightroom. He will begin with RAW files and adjust them for white balance and tonal corrections. Then he will create custom metadata templates with full IPTC information and keywording. the files will be ranked, organized and renamed using methods that comply with all international standards. Finally, using scripting and advanced actions, the images will be processed LIVE, according to the following range of needs: the submission guidelines of a stock agency, the black and white needs of a client, a series of images for the Web and a series of hi-res files for archiving purposes. Intermediate to advanced levels.

Jeff Schewe: TC8 3:45PM-5:45PM
Making the Perfect Print

How do you get the “perfect print” from your digital images? Whether it’s learning how to understand olor management, image optimization or soft proofing, there are many ways to “perfect” your images before the ink hits the paper. In this two-hour lecture and demonstration print master Jeff Schewe will guide you down the road to the perfect print. Intermediate to advanced levels.

Friday, October 19th

Jeff Schewe will be speaking at the Adobe Booth at 11:00AM, Andrew Rodney at 12:30PM, Seth Resnick at 1:15PM and Martin Evening at 4:15PM.

Andrew Rodney: FA10 9:00AM-12:00PM
Iron Chef: Raw Processing

This lecture and demo begins with a 30-minute overview of how RAW differs from rendered images, and the advantages and disadvantages of working with RAW files. Several leading RAW converters will demonstrate how they process a series of identical RAW files all the way to output. Two leading photographers— a Canon shooter and a Nikon shooter—will supply a series of RAW files. A representative of each RAW converter manufacturer will have 15 minutes to process the images, with feedback from the photographers. See results in real-time and join in the critique. Beginner to Intermediate levels.

Jeff Schewe: FC8 3:45PM-5:45PM
Real World Camera Raw

With the advances made to Camera Raw 4.0 included with Photoshop CS3, Camera Raw has suddenly become a much more powerful and perhaps more complicated tool for photographers to use. As the co-author of Real World Camera Raw in Photoshop CS3, the update to Bruce Fraser’s best selling book, Jeff Schewe is the perfect person to guide photographers on how best to use this new and powerful tool. Intermediate to advanced levels.

Saturday, October 20th

Martin Evening will be speaking at the Adobe Booth at 12-:15PM, Andrew Rodnet at 1:15PM and Jeff Schewe at 3:30PM.

Seth Resnick: SA11 9:00AM-11:00AM
The Business of Digital Photography

Photographers are spending more and more money as they convert to digital technologies and are finding clients who believe that digital is cheaper because there is no film. This lecture will focus on the needs of the working photographer and running your digital photography business in the current world environment. Seth Resnick offers advice for using those business methods while remaining competitive. Among the topics he’ll tackle: pricing for digital in the editorial, corporate and advertising markets, justifying the costs, providing digital receipts, copyright, the cost of being in business, negotiating tactics and more. All levels.

Andrew Rodney, Jeff Schewe, Mac Holbert: SA8 9:00AM-12:00PM
The Epson Print Academy

with special guests Greg Gorman and JP Caponigro
This version of the Epson Print Academy is designed by working professionals exclusively for working professionals, to learn advanced digital printing techniques that will help advance professional’s business to the next level in both output quality and productivity. The Academy features live presentations by renowned industry experts. Topics will include: in-depth color management and custom profiling, creating and optimizing a professional workflow, expert-level fine-art printing techniques and advanced black and white printing techniques. Advanced Level

Andrew Rodney: SC9 3:45PM-5:45PM
Color Management and Photoshop CS3

How does Adobe Photoshop CS3 work with color images and color profiles? In this two-hour lecture Rodney will explain how Photoshop can be easily configured to produce accurate previews of digital files and how to get expected and predictable output from screen to print. Learn about color gamut, what RGB working spaces to utilize (and why), soft proofing, plus a get a thorough understanding of how Photoshop’s color engine operates for best results with virtually no color geek speak.At the conclusion of this session, you’ll have all the information you need to set up Photoshop CS3 for the best color management. Beginner level.

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