Oct 9, 2007

Scott Kelby Gives Up Photoshop for Music

Photo by Larry Becker

Photo by Larry Becker

Scott Kelby, President of NAPP and all round Photoshop Guru™ has given up Photoshop and returned to music–for one nite only–last Friday nite.

From Scott’s blog Photoshop Insider “Phoenix was my first “real” band, which we formed back in high school, and this weekend we reunited to play at the 30-year high school reunion of the keyboard player, bass player, and guitar player (who were seniors, while the lead singer and I were still juniors, but at the same school). We played a bunch of Classic Rock songs, ranging from The Doobie Brothers to Lynyrd Skynyrd (yes, we played “Free Bird”), to Grand Funk to The Eagles to Bad Company. It was incredibly loud (just like the ol’ days), but we had a blast.”

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