Oct 4, 2007

Adobe-Microsoft Collision Course

Source: eWeek’s Microsoft Watch
Written by Joe Wilcox

Once close partners, Adobe and Microsoft increasingly vie for the same enterprise customers. A colossal collision is inevitable.

Perhaps in a parallel universe, Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen and Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates are bosom buddies. In that universe, Microsoft is the preeminent provider of operating systems for all kinds of devices, and Adobe is the major developer of software for Microsoft platforms. The two companies engage in a rich collaboration that benefits consumers and enterprises alike.

This universe’s reality is harsher. Microsoft chose to develop applications along with operating systems, creating constant tension with many of its development partners. Microsoft now competes with many Windows developers, largely because of its applications business.

Adobe, which long had been a showcase Windows developer, is one of Microsoft’s fiercest competitors. Someday, the Andromeda and Milky Way galaxies will collide. Today, Adobe and Microsoft are galaxies colliding in the enterprise.

This week’s Adobe Max event and Microsoft’s .Net code licensing are indicators of the fierce competition among the two companies.

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