Sep 27, 2007

I’m Back…


Warning: zero Photoshop content in this story.

Final ending mileage was 88,114. The starting mileage was 84,843 so that makes a total of 3,271 miles in seven days. That works out to an average of 467 miles a day for a solid week! When you put it that way, that’s a lot of time on the bike!


The last day was the longest day. I started from the West side of Oklahoma City at 7:30AM and arrived at the garage at about 9:45PM. 805 miles (according to Google maps) in 14 hours and 15 minutes works out to an average of about 57 miles/hour. Not bad considering I had several phone call stops (talked to Martin in the UK), checked email on the iPhone and had a lot of gas stops.


It was a 5.3 gas stop day with an average of about 150 miles between stops. Typical was about 4.4 gallons for 150 miles for about 34 miles/gallon. It would be higher but I have a large windscreen and tend to go real fast which cuts down on gas mileage.

I’ll have a trip report including photos from George as well as stuff I shot at Andrew’s house later (when my hands aren’t vibrating so much).

But…I’m back.

4 Responses to “I’m Back…”

  1. SeanMcFoto Says:

    Hi Jeff,
    That is some amount of travel. You’d have easily travelled the circumference of Ireland numerous times with that mileage. Of course you’d be paying more like €1.20 a litre (over $6 a gallon easily) for the fuel. Glad to see you in one piece. Careful you don’t shake hot coffee all over yourself!

  2. Nat Coalson Says:

    Hey Jeff-

    I live in Colorado; me and a bunch of photog buddies were out and about last weekend around Aspen…. I’d be interested to find out about the shooting you and George did, especially considering the weather…. hope you got some good stuff! That is quite a haul on the bike.

    Nat Coalson

  3. photoshop-user Says:

    woha, thats one great journey! =) going fast is sweet hehe..

    // kepp it up!

  4. nickt Says:

    what a great way to see CO, i’ve seen mt evans from the comfort/discomfort of a bicycle and it was one of my more memorable rides…

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