Sep 24, 2007

Yes, The Aspens are Turning


Just a quick Sunday nite update from the road, yes, the aspens in Colorado are turning. The shot above was taken just after George Jardine and I crossed over Independance Pass coming out of Aspen (the town, not the tree).


Here’s George and I at the pass. Who shot this shot? Both George and I shot it–two separate shots done and then assembled in Photoshop CS3 using Auto-Align followed by Auto-Blend (note, that’s all the Photoshop content in this post).

In the morning, George and I split up. George has to head back to Denver (he has a real job for Adobe) while I head down to Santa Fe to hook up with Andrew Rodney. We’re working on a top secret project that will be announced next month at PhotoPlus Expo in NYC.

I won’t be back to Chicago till at least Wed nite, so I’m still on the road…but George and I had a lot of fun riding and shooting our way all over Colorado so I think there’s a good story brewing! Stay tuned.

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