Sep 19, 2007

Russell Brown Launches new TV Show


Dr. Brown’s Photoshop Laboratory…the mad doctor is in!

rbrownad.pngIn addition to the wealth of material on Russell including the new Dr. Brown’s Scripts;

- Dr. Brown’s Background Remover

- Dr. Brown’s 1-2-3 Process

- Dr. Brown’s Caption Maker

- Dr. Brown’s Slide Show

- Dr. Brown’s Stack-A-Matic

- Dr. Brown’s Black and White

- Dr. Brown’s Place-A-Matic

- Dr Brown’s Fit Video to Audio

-Dr. Brown’s Interpret Footage

The mad doctor has been moonlighting doing training videos at the easiest-to-use online training program for graphic design, web design, digital arts, digital photography, and online marketing. Russell’s shows are free with free registration (others are pay per view).

Here’s a direct link to his new 3D Show (requires QuickTime). You can also get a 15% discount at xTrain by using this special Russell Brown link.

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