Sep 18, 2007

John Nack writes about the Photoshop logo facelift

Yep, Photoshop has got itself a new logo.

Well, it has several variations on the same theme…

More… Logo with tagline (primary use)

Note: The 3-dimensional blue logo should be used whenever possible. Other versions shown should be limited to when space, color or background is an issue.

According to John, the press docs say: To represent this rich family of products, Adobe is introducing the Photoshop visual logo. This logo will soon appear in all Photoshop-related marketing, so keep an eye out for it. The Photoshop logo on a product, service, or technology, represents the rich legacy, technical quality, and attention to detail that has made Photoshop the gold standard in digital imaging.

Read John’s post on his Adobe Blog

As a personal aside, I like the new logo type and tagline. I’m not convinced on the blue thingie yet. Not sure if it’s a stylized ‘P’, a cartoon dialog box or a profile of an alien head. (personally, I’m rooting for the alien head). There’s already a ton of comments (not all of them “nice”) on John’s blog. But if nothing else, it seems Adobe has finally rediscovered Photoshop as a valuable brand in the Adobe stable. And that’s good!


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  1. rimglow Says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me! This is awful. Stinks of Microsoft design and tag line. A speech bubble?

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