Sep 18, 2007

Adobe Warns of Glitches with New Mac OS

Adobe’s Creative Suite 3 programs are not fully tested with ‘Leopard’.

Source: PCWorld via Reuters
Written by Jim Finkle

BOSTON (Reuters) – Adobe Systems Inc’s Photoshop, Illustrator and other Creative Suite 3 programs have not been fully tested with the latest version of Apple Inc’s operating system due out next month, which could lead to incompatibility issues.

A substantial proportion of Adobe users are also Apple Mac users, with many waiting for the new Mac OS X operating system, code-named “Leopard.”

“CS3 hasn’t fully been tested under Leopard,” Adobe Chief Executive Bruce Chizen told Reuters in an interview. “If it doesn’t work, we will make the necessary adjustments.”

He said Adobe has not received a final copy of Leopard with which to test its software.

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