May 16, 2007

On the Road to Toronto…

I’ll be leaving for Toronto (yes, on the bike) in time to attend Michael Reichmann’s Luminous Landscape Gallery Opening this Friday, 6-9PM.

While in Toronto, Michael and I will be taping a new video tutorial about Fine Art Digital Printing-which should be available some time in early summer (depending on your definition of “summer”). Since our Lightroom V1.0 video tutorial has been so popular, we decided to team up again for “everything you want to know about printing”. I’ll try to post some fun shots from Michael’s opening. See ya next week…


Michael’s gallery in Toronto.

I wonder if Michael will be hanging his Lolita – Amazonia, April, 2007 image?


5 Responses to “On the Road to Toronto…”

  1. Kevin Gallagher Says:

    Have a beer for me!!

  2. marcdaniels Says:

    Fine Art Digital Printing Tutorial, what a brilliant idea! I can’t wait. Keep those brilliant tutorials coming. They’re the best investment, the most bang for your buck, any professional photographer can make. THANK YOU!

  3. Andrew Rodney Says:

    >I wonder if Michael will be hanging his Lolita – Amazonia, April, 2007 image?

    I can’t believe the nonsense all over the web about this. Geeze, its his photo, he can name it what he wants. Nice shot too. What’s the world come to? I hope he DOES hang the print, screw em (said in my best Jeff imitation).

  4. DrJoePhoto Says:

    In the Fine Art Digital Printing Tutorial, it would be great if you could give any info on printing from LightRoom with ImagePrint. It seems that there is a problem with specifying the input profiles from LightRoom, whereas the PTAPP works fine with Photoshop.

  5. Bill in WV Says:


    Truly enjoyed meeting you and Becky at Michael’s Opening Reception. My photo of you and Becky came out quite nice I thought. I’d be happy to email or snailmail a copy if you like.

    It twas a very nice party, wasn’t it? More people should try to see large fine art inkjet prints; when hung right and lit properly it was well worth my trip.

    Bill (and Betty) from West Virginia

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