Mar 27, 2007

Live From New York, it’s CS3

bigapple.pngHello from the Big Apple!

PhotoshopNews will be blogging live from the Adobe Creative Suite 3 Announcement event to be held at 3:30PM Eastern time.

We’ll have photos from Seth Resnick and myself as well as backstage stuff including some party pics.

Since Adobe will be webcasting the event, you can watch the actual announcement live by visiting

This page will be updated during the event and even into the early morning (if we can stay sober enough to shoot and write).

I don’t know when the web cast is due to start…you might want to get in early if there is a server backlog. We’ll start posting stuff here as soon as we get in the venue.

Stay tuned…

It’s almost 3:00 and the crowds are starting to come in…Here’s a shot of some of the podiums…

Exciting huh?



A quick shot of the honchos…CEO Bruce Chizen (right) and COO Shantanu Narayen hanging out waiting to start.

Russel Brown is here, preparing his preso…he always waits till the last moment :~)

The music has started to pick up in preparation for the speakers. Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome Bruce Chizen. This is by far the biggest launch in Photoshop history. Today I am very proud to introduce Creative Suite 3. We will transform the world of publishing.


Now Shantanu is speaking. Our mission hasn’t changed – we want to help revolutionize how the world changes. To deliver the best in class programs…


Here’s Johnny “L”


Johnny Loiacono gets the crowd excited. Encourage you to take creative license. With CS3 we are aligning the tools. Largest event because there are 13 products.


80+million lines of code. Highlights.


Now Johnny L introduces Gina to demonstrate the Suite products. shows video of Golden Gate Bridge in Photoshop Extended.


Here’s Kuler which is way kool. Now demonstrating InDesign features. The crowd loves the new features.

Now Greg Rewis is demonstrating the new web features. The crowd loves the ability to open Photoshop in Dream Weaver. Now talking about Flash. 90% of Flash users use Photoshop. Intermission for technical difficulties.

Oooops…the video goes down… It turns out that a video board switcher goes bad-it isn’t Adobe software that is at fault-thank godness!

Russell Brown suggests taking questions from the audience during the down time.


Here’s Seth shooting with Russell looking on. Seth is shooting video static….


During the unexpected technical break, key lime martinis are passed around the crowd giving everyone an opportunity to talk about the features already mentioned. Now the smoking cosmos are circulating – smokin. (they’re drinks)


Eugene Mopsik enjoys some smoke…


Deb Whitman from Adobe laughs about the whole tech problem..


The tech crew is “working on it”…

Looks like we’re up and running and about to start up again.

Now they’re talking about video production. Photoshop is most widely used tool in video production in the world.


The crowd is wowed by the demonstration. Not only is animation easier – so is sound editing.


Seth gets a shot of me with my flash going off. Great timing…too bad you didn’t pull focus dooode.

Johnny L starts to wrap up. The three I’s of this launch were Integration, Interaction and Innovation. Johnny L thanks everyone for their participation and everyone watching via webcast. That ends the keynote, finally, and the attendees are going to the various pods, Video, Design, Imaging, Printing, Web/Mobile.


Matt, Addy & Scott ham it up…


Seth tries to recreate the 60′s…


The bar is OPEN!


And Scott is a happy camper…


Take as much as you can…

More to come later…

3 Responses to “Live From New York, it’s CS3”

  1. NickWB Says:

    Great product, great launch – just a shame that to buy these products in Europe costs twice as much as in the US.

    My CS2 Premium to CS3 Design Premium upgrade will cost me US$911 in UK ($440 in the US). Kinda leaves a bad taste and I guess explains why the party was so big……

  2. iEire Says:

    I feel the same as NickWB, I too am very disappointed with Adobes pricing in Europe. Why are we getting ripped off compared to US customers. I will not be upgrading my CS2 Premium. No way will I allow any company rip me off like this.

  3. Nick Walker Says:

    If Adobe are content banking X dollars from US citizens, for a particular downloadable product, I am extremely pleased to login to their US servers and offer them the same fee to bank in dollars, for their ones and zeros.

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