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Mar 22, 2007

Medical/Scientific Users Meet-up at Photoshop World

Birds of a Feather Meeting – Medical & Scientific Research Professionals
April 4, 5:00 – 7:00 pm Track: Special Event — Room: 207 in the Convention Center

Hosted by Adobe – Open to Conference Attendees and Medical Professionals and Research Professionals.

Mar 22, 2007

Wikivid on Photoshop

wikivid.jpg Wikivid does Photoshop.

If you want to find a tutorial video about Photoshop, Wikivid has plenty. Over 550 videos listed and counting…

The top linked videos seem to be from with plenty from, as well as

An offshoot of Wikipedia, Wikivid is an encyclopedia of informative videos. Each content page is made up of links to free videos laid out as a video-course for anyone to watch and learn. Each page can be edited and moderated by anyone. In addition to Photoshop, there’s Wikivids for After Effects, Dreamweaver, Illustrator and others.

Mar 22, 2007

500,000 People Download Photoshop CS3 Beta

John Nack on his Adobe Blog notes that as of last Friday over 500,000 people had downloaded the Photoshop CS3 Beta. He also notes that based upon the download size, that’s about 251,612,564 MB of “P-shop goodness” (his words…I wonder what Adobe legal thinks about the Photoshop Product Manager calling Photoshop “P-shop”? Ya suppose they have the trademark for P-shop too?).

Photoshop CS3 and the new Photoshop CS3 Extended will be officially revealed next week in New York City. Then we’ll get to find out all the lowdown on the new functionality in “P-shop Extended”…