Mar 21, 2007

The time to upgrade is Real Soon

One of the more obscure facts listed in the Photoshop CS3 Beta FAQ page was information that Adobe is breaking from a long standing tradition of allowing anybody with a registered version-even back to Photoshop 1.0-to upgrade to the current version for the same price. From the FAQ: “Adobe will not offer upgrade pricing more than three versions back on Photoshop CS3.”

What this means is that people who are using Photoshop version 7 and above -WILL- get to upgrade to Photoshop CS3 for the upgrade price (which will be announced next week in New York City). But users of Photoshop 6 and earlier will not. At this point there is no information regarding whether earlier users will get any upgrade discount pricing.

So, if you have earlier licenses older than Photoshop 7 and you’ve not yet upgraded to Photoshop CS2, you should take a serious look at buying the Photoshop CS2 upgrade. You can buy it now but if you do, you’ll still need to buy the Photoshop CS3 upgrade after it’s announced March 27th, 2007. However, if you purchase Photoshop CS2 -AFTER- the Photoshop CS3 announcement date, you will be entitled to a free Photoshop CS3 upgrade. Adobe’s policy is to offer free upgrades to those people who purchase the previous version after the newest version is announced. The cutoff date for those free upgrades is the date of the official announcement of the new version.

So, buy the Photoshop CS2 upgrade version -AFTER- the CS3 announcement (but before Photoshop CS3 ships) and you’ll get not only Photoshop CS2 but also Photoshop CS3. It should be noted that this will apply to the regular version of Photoshop CS3, not the Extended version of Photoshop CS3. Upgrade pricing for the Photoshop CS3 Extended will be announced next week. It should also be noted that at this point in time, the entire Creative Suite 2 will also be capable of upgrading to Creative Suite 3 if purchased after the announcement but before the actual ship. However, since there will be a variety of Creative Suite configurations available (which will be announced next week) it’s not clear what Suite version a CS2 version will be replaced by.

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  1. bob733 Says:

    Oh no! I just purchased the update the 20th! Is there anything I can do???????

  2. bob733 Says:

    I should say it was the CS2 update I purchased, as I needed right away for a project and thought I would be elegible for a CS3 update given it was purchased so early to the CS3 announcement date.

    And another thing, how long after they announce is it befor they ship?

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