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Mar 6, 2007

Watch a Photoshop portrait painted in time-lapse

Ok, this is really pretty cool…
(click above to watch a YouTube hosted seven minute video)

Mar 6, 2007

It’s Adobe’s game to lose, CEO says

chizenphoto.jpgSource: CNET
Written by Mike Ricciuti and Martin LaMonica

This is part two of an interview with Bruce Chizen, CEO of Adobe Systems.

Adobe Systems may have a clear lead in the market for so-called creative software: things like photo editing, Web page design and layout tools. But the world has changed. People no longer assume that packaged software from big companies is best, and an ever-growing number of applications are available for free.

Mar 6, 2007

In The Bag: Antarctica 2007 – What Worked? What Didn’t.

mr-by-kevin.jpgMichael Reichmann of The Luminous Landscape writes about some of the hits and misses–equipment wise–that 3 weeks on an Antarctic Expedition might bring. I had my own equipment problems; losing 2 lenses due to moisture and an LCS on a camera.

From Michael: I traveled on this shoot with three camera systems – a Hasselblad H2 with a Phase One P45 back and three lenses (35mm, 50-110mm & 210mm); a Canon 1Ds MKII with three lenses, a 24-105mm IS, a 70-210mm f/2.8L IS and 100-400mm f/5.6 L IS; and a Leica M8 with a couple of lenses. In addition I had along a Macbook and four portable hard drives totaling 250 GB of storage. My software of choice for raw processing and editing was Adobe Lightroom.