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Feb 2, 2007

The Luminous Landscape Lightroom V1.0 Tutorial

lrt_1.png A 4.5 Hour Multi-Segment Training Video with Michael Reichmann and Jeff Schewe

Though Lightroom has been available as a free beta download for many months, the shipping product, Version 1.0, is quite different in many respects from the beta releases available up to now. Many new features and capabilities have been added, a few have been removed, and the workflow has been enhanced and altered.

During 2006 Michael and I published two Lightroom Tutorial DVDs; one for Beta 1 and another for Beta 3. These were extremely popular, and helped many people get up-to-speed with this exciting new program. Now, with the release of Version 1.0, there is the need for a completely new and comprehensive video tutorial.

The Luminous Landscape Lightroom V1.0 Tutorial

Feb 2, 2007

On the Road to Antarctica–Again

We liked it so much last year, we’re going back again-but this time to 20 days at sea. I sure hope Michael brought his nausea meds this time. Neither JP Caponigro, Stephen Johnson, Seth Resnick nor I got sea-sick…we had our MEDS! (and a boatload of extra vino as well). You can see last year’s Antarctic Trip Report as well as visit the Feature Story: Antarctic Expedition

I’m going to TRY to post SOMETHING from down-under…but we will only have a satellite phone modem, so it won’t be long or have a lot of images. Besides, we’re going to be busy shooting! I’ll be back at the end of February, so in the meantime, check out our new sister site where Martin and Sean will be posting.

See ya. . .

Feb 2, 2007

PixelGenius Launches


Since has been so successful in covering Photoshop related news & info, PixelGenius decided Lightroom deserved it’s own site as well. So, welcome to

Martin Evening will be sharing duties as Editor in Chief with Jeff Schewe. Contributing Editors are; Ian Lyons, Sean McCormack, Seth Resnick & Andrew Rodney. Stop in and see what you think of the place.