Dec 22, 2006

Reuters, Adobe, Canon to help track photo changes

Source: CNET
Written by Stephen Shankland
News organization Reuters is working with photo editing powerhouse Adobe and camera maker Canon so changes to digital photos can be detected, Reuters CEO Tom Glocer said on his blog last week.

Reuters, the news agency whose image was tarnished earlier this year when a freelance photographer provided doctored photos of bombing in Beirut, wants to ensure such changes can be found.

“I am pleased to announce today that we are working with Adobe and Canon to create a solution that enables photo editors to view an audit trail of changes to a digital image, which is permanently embedded in the photograph, ensuring the accuracy of the image,” Glocer said in the blog posting, a transcript of a December 11 speech at the Globes Media Conference in Tel Aviv.

“We sought a technical solution so that we had total and full transparency of our work. It’s what we stand for. It’s what we’ve always stood for. And we hope that it will provide reassurance to editors and consumers of our services,” he said. “Transparency and truth are important to us.”

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