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Dec 22, 2006

Is Photoshop CS3 a 64 bit app?

Another contentious topic to be found on the Photoshop CS3 forum is the question of whether or not Photoshop CS3 will be a real 64 bit application or remain a 32 bit application as it has been for a good long while. The hardware and OS vendors have done a good job of hyping 64 bit OS as the next big new thing, but unfortuately, the hype always precedes the reality.

To counter the cries for a full 64 bit rewrite of Photoshop, Scott Byer (Photoshop co-architect) has posted a story on his Living Photoshop blog entitled 64 bits…when?

Dec 22, 2006

The New Creative Suite App Icons

Some people love them, some people hate them and most people couldn’t care less. But one of the more controversial and contentious threads at the Photoshop CS3 forum (see: I hope the icon is also “beta”…) has been the appearance of the new Creative Suite 3 application icons.

It’s gotten to the point that John Nack even posted a story on his blog. I think it’s a new record for comments on one of John’s posts.

Dec 22, 2006

Photoshop CS3 performance tests

Source: Macworld
Written by Rick LePage

Beta is the new black for Adobe, and it fits them well. In the 72 hours after its surprise announcement, Adobe reportedly had more than 100,000 downloads of the Intel-native beta of Photoshop CS3. As a result, the Web has been abuzz with first looks and tutorials (Ben Long wrote a CS3 first look for us last Friday.) I have been playing with the beta for a while now, and it’s been a blast. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning with a new toy.

Dec 22, 2006

Adobe Closes on Development Sites

Written by Brian K. Miller

SAN JOSE-Adobe Systems Inc. is acquiring 7.7 acres here from SJW Corp. for $32.5 million. The two public companies originally agreed to a 5.5-acre, $25-million deal in April that was scheduled to close in August but never did. In mid-November, a contiguous 2.2-acre property was added to the deal and earlier this week Adobe closed on all but one acre, SJW’s director of real estate Janelle McCombs tells Combined, the acreage is known as the Delmas property.

Dec 22, 2006

Reuters, Adobe, Canon to help track photo changes

Source: CNET
Written by Stephen Shankland
News organization Reuters is working with photo editing powerhouse Adobe and camera maker Canon so changes to digital photos can be detected, Reuters CEO Tom Glocer said on his blog last week.

Reuters, the news agency whose image was tarnished earlier this year when a freelance photographer provided doctored photos of bombing in Beirut, wants to ensure such changes can be found.