Dec 14, 2006

PixelGenius to release beta updates for Photoshop CS3

PixelGenius, the makers of PhotoKit, PhotoKit Sharpener and PhotoKit Color 2.0 has announced plans to offer beta updates of their plug-ins to run natively on the MacIntel version of Adobe Photoshop CS3.

Because of the changes required for plug-ins running natively under Photoshop CS3 on MacIntel machines, all plug-ins will be required to be recompiled as Universal Binaries for MacIntel compatibility. The only alternative for running non-UB versions of plug-ins under Photoshop CS3 is to launch CS3 under Rosetta which of course, defeats the purpose of running Photoshop CS3 natively.

PixelGenius expects to have “beta” versions of all 3 of their products available for download “by about Christmas” according to Jeff Schewe, PG partner.

Note: plug-ins installed under Photoshop CS3 for PPC Macs and Windows do not need to be UB versions and existing plug-ins should run normally.

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