Dec 14, 2006

Bruce Fraser’s Serious Illness


Some of our visitors to PhotoshopNews may already be aware that Bruce Fraser, noted author, lecturer and “color geek”, was diagnosed several months ago with terminal lung cancer.

Early last month we reported from Photo Plus, New York that Bruce was too ill to attend the annual Pixel Mafia dinner. At that time Bruce was about to start a course of chemotherapy that offered an optimistic prognosis. Unfortunately, the treatment has not been successful and the cancer has since progressed. Bruce is now severely ill and it is the opinion of Bruce, his wife Angela and the doctors, that he now probably has but a very short time left. He is being cared for at home by Angela and support nursing staff.

For those who don’t know him, Bruce Fraser is an internationally well known author, consultant and speaker on the topics of digital imaging and color reproduction. In addition to authoring the highly successful Real World Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop CS2, he has been a contributing editor for Macworld magazine and co-author of the best-selling books Real World Adobe Photoshop CS2 and Real World Color Management, Second Edition, and the recently released Real World Image Sharpening. Bruce has also penned numerous articles, most recently for Bruce is a partner in PixelGenius, LLC. where he designed PhotoKit Sharpener.

Bruce is a humble and gentle man of rare genius and dry humor who over the years has added immensely to the collective knowledge of the digital imaging industry.

It goes without saying that this latest news has come as a great shock to those of us who have known and worked with Bruce over the years and come to love him, including his friends and colleagues in Pixel Genius. Bruce and Angela have both been very much in our thoughts and at this point in time we wanted to let the wider public know his current situation and give people a chance to write and pay tribute.

If you wish to express your sentiments to Bruce, you may do so here in the comments section under this story. We will gather them and forward them to Bruce and possibly use them in an upcoming tribute to Bruce that is being planned for Macworld on Janurary 10th, 2007. We will be posting additional information regarding the tribute to PhotoshopNews shortly.

166 Responses to “Bruce Fraser’s Serious Illness”

  1. Nick Walker Says:


    Keep fighting. I hope the story of Jane Tomlinson may give you some spirit. In 2000 she was told she had incurable lung cancer, in 2006 she completed a gruelling 4200 cycle ride across the US. Not suggesting that you get on your bone shaker tomorrow, to attempt the same fete, without some practice first though!

    You are a very generous forum contributor, witty and articulate. Oh (in Scottish tone), I forgot, a pretty good colour expert too!

    All the very best,

    Nick Walker.

  2. jgoshorn Says:

    It saddens me to hear the details of your illness as I have watched people bravely fight cancer. You and your family will be in my prayers. Through the years I have enjoyed reading your books and want to thank you very much for all that you have taught me through your generous efforts.

    God Bless,

    Jim Goshorn

  3. raw shooter Says:

    From someone you never met. I appreciate your genius and the elegant way you convey your ideas in the books you shared with us all. I can’t express how much this has meant to me and so many others. Your contributions will forever be a pillar in my professional life and as I pass along what I learned from you to my clients - I never miss an opportunity to tell then who Bruce Frasier is.
    I wish you peace and hold you in my prayers.

    Your fan,
    Greg Lutke
    Plano, Texas

  4. richardripley Says:

    Dear Bruce:

    I only met you once briefly at the Epson Print Academy in Los Angeles but your personal effect upon me with your information packed books has been staggering. Thank you for your massive contribution to my work as a photographer and an artist.

    Richard Ripley

  5. SteveM Says:


    I know you only through your books and PhotoKit Sharpner. All I can say is that my world is a better place for having you in it.

    Thank you,

    Steve Mattan

  6. gragegrl Says:


    I too have never met you but have learned so much from your books and articles over the years. I really doubt I would be where I am today if it weren’t for reading Real World Scanning and Halftones which inspired my chosen career path. I was so saddedned by the news of your illness, and hold you and your family in my thoughts.

    Take care,
    Brantlea Scruggs
    Los Angeles,California

  7. Nat Coalson Says:

    My thoughts, prayers and sympathy go out to you and your family. Having recently lost a dear friend to melanoma, I understand what you are all going through. More than anything, I wish you peace. Know that your life’s work and your personality has been important to many people.

    Nat Coalson
    Conifer, Colorado

  8. Lynne Braden Says:

    I sat in the Adobe booth at the PPA convention last year and watched you demo your Photoshop workflow for image correction. It must have been duller than dirt for you to show such elementary steps over and over again that day, but for someone still struggling to harness the power and automation of Photoshop, your 30 minutes was absolutely transforming to me.

    All the Photoshop books and seminars I had attended previously gave me confusing bits and pieces, but you were the first one to clearly bring it all together, and so effortlessly at that…in just 30 minutes!

    If your teaching was that powerful to me, I can only imagine the thousands of other photographers and artists you’ve connected with over the years who have also benefitted from your wisdom and clarity.

    God bless you,
    Lynne Braden

  9. Richard Marcellus Says:


    I would like to thank you for your valuable contributions to the digital photography field. I have learnt a lot from your books and from the many detailed (and patient)answers you gave over at ImagingRevue.

    I’ll think of you every time I sharpen my images with PK Sharpener.


    Richard Marcellus
    Montreal, Canada

  10. Darrell Heath Says:

    I have never met you personally, but your books and seminars an inspiration.

    I wish strength and endurance during this trialing time.
    You shall over come.

    And certainly thoughts and prayers from myself and everyone in the Photoshop community are onto you and your family.

    Darrell Heath

  11. jonroemer Says:


    I think I’ve read almost every book and article you’ve written. I can’t tell you what an honor it was when we ended up corresponding over ACR v1 and Nikon raw files; trying to get to the bottom of the color issues. We then were able to meet a number of years ago when you did a day-long seminar for ASMP Philadelphia.

    While you have had a huge influence on an industry, more importantly you’ve had a huge positive effect on so many people - only good comes of that…. it’s something to be immensely proud of.

    Find peace, be at peace, grab some peace any way you can. My thoughts and wishes to you, your wife Angela and your extended family.

    Jon Roemer
    Princeton, NJ

  12. rockstacker Says:

    Hi Bruce,

    Your patient personal help at Seybold and MacWorld ten years ago set me straight and enabled me to get my digital workflow under control. When your own book wasn’t finished you recommended another (excellent) author but it has been your books which I have always found to be most valuable to me.
    Thank you very much.
    My best wishes to you and your family,

    Jim Needham
    Carmel CA

  13. dorothym Says:

    Thank you for all your dedication to the PS world. You have helped, inspired & touched many I know Take great pride in that. You and yours will be in my prayers - God bless all of you. With heartfelt thanks to all that you have given…
    NAPP member
    Dorothy Mertz
    Redwood City CA

  14. Jeff Curto Says:

    Bruce… through your books, lectures, email and the occasional conversation, I’ve probably learned more about Photoshop and color from you than from anyone else.

    But mostly, through your wonderfully dry sense of humor, you made me laugh.
    “Color management is push-button simple… so long as you know which of the 600 buttons to push and in which order to push them.”


    My thoughts are with you…

    Jeff Curto
    College of DuPage
    Glen Ellyn, IL

  15. adiallo Says:

    Stunned by this news I haven’t read earlier posters’ comments. But I’m sure they all include an immeasureable debt of gratitude for the knowledge you’ve freely shared over the years. You are one of the true pioneers that have made digital imaging both a creative and efficient process that was unimaginable just a couple of decades ago. Your writing has been a large part of my development over the years. and for that I am deeply grateful. You posess the rare ability to both understand complex topics AND explain them in a clear and understandable manner.

    But I must also comment on your personal qualities as I’ve gleaned them during your posts and personal email replies over the years. Never once have you looked down in a condescending manner in response to queries, no matter how basic. Time and time again I’ve watched you politely decline to get dragged into the shouting matches that can so often rise on mailing lists and forums, even when you would have been justified in doing so. The world needs more people like you.

    If the outpuring from well-wishers around the world–most of whom you’ve never met offers you any sense of strength and solace during this most difficult of periods then we can feel as if we’ve begun to repay a small portion of the debt to which you are owed by everyone who works with pixels.

    amadou diallo
    Brooklyn, NY

  16. adarlow Says:


    You are a very special individual. Your advice and inspiration, both through your writings and also when we’ve met in person over the years will always stay with me.

    My thoughts are with you, Angela and your entire family,

    Andrew Darlow
    Piscataway, NJ

  17. roberte Says:


    Thank you for your patience and generosity. I’ve been fortunate enough to attend your seminars, read your books, many articles and web postings. Your knowledge and good humour make learning all the geek stuff fun. As I read your words I hear that thick Scottish accent echoing inside my head.

    I’m looking forward to reading your latest book on sharpening and the many more that will surely follow.

    All the very best.

    – Robert Edwards.

  18. GoKyu Says:


    Like many others here, I’ve never met you, but have learned so much from your books. We missed you at Photoshop World in Las Vegas, but hope you will overcome and be at next year’s show.

    Wishing you and your family all the best,

    NAPP member
    Bryan Sproles
    New Orleans, LA

  19. cbres00 Says:

    Bruce and Angela,

    Peace and grace to you and your families as you absorb the precious time you have together.

    Bruce, your gifts to digital neophytes and veterans alike are overwhelming. We celebrate the legacy you have given us as we freeze life one pixel at a time. Go with the knowledge that many have benefitted from the depth of your passion and knowledge about all things digital.

    Blessings to you all,
    Cathy Breslow
    NAPP member

  20. tmanhart Says:


    Even before I met you briefly at a Steve Johnson workshop in Pacifica, I was so grateful that there was ONE PERSON out there with the grace to understand how the rest of us think. With every page of Camera Raw a lite bulb lit up as I finally understood the subject. Thanks for your example of communication, and for your contribution to my life.

    Travis Manhart
    Roseville, CA

  21. mark wainer Says:


    I have been a fan of yours and followed your teachings since the Photoshop Conference days at Thunder Lizzard in the mid 90’s. I always appreciated when you took the time to answer my individual questions privately. I have read every version of Real World Photoshop and Camera Raw. You have inspired me and enabled me to pursue Photoshop in a way that would not have been possible without you. Thank you.

    Mark Wainer

  22. adias Says:


    Hang in there and do not lose faith. Do not take a no for an answer - if the current treatment did not work, try another one. Go to another medical center. There has been tremendous progress in cancer treatment, believe me I know.
    The treatment by itself is hell, but if you persevere, you may have a chance. My prayers are with you.

    A. Dias

  23. Giuseppe Andretta Says:


    I’m so sad about what’s happening, I’ve never met you (I’m from Italy) but I’ve learned so much from your books and your posts on all the mailing lists. It’s hard to find the right words for this moment. The only thing I can say is THANK YOU for everything you taught me. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I wish you all the best.


  24. Ray Maxwell Says:


    I do not believe there is anyone in the industry that has contributed more to the understanding and “Real World” use of ICC Color Management. Thank you for your very important contribution to the photography and printing industry. I am pulling for you and hope you can continue to contribute in the future.


    Ray Maxwell

  25. OmkeOudeman Says:

    Dear Bruce,

    Without knowing you personal I do believe you are a very nice person with a great knowledge compared to a very friendly way to share this knowledge with other people.

    I again would thank you for learning me to use RAW and to get the most out of ACR, and I’m still making a study off your very interesting thoughts about image sharpening.

    At first messages about your illness I was shocked but filled with hope that you would recover. This messages has learned otherwise and I am very sad to hear this. I do wish you and your family all the strenght and my thoughts are with you.

    Omke Oudeman
    Boerakker, The Netherlands

  26. jani Says:


    Nick Walker got it in one: keep fighting!

    You and your work mean a lot to many people.

    Thanks for what you’ve contributed, and what you’ll contribute in the future!

  27. Timmy T Says:


    Pictures do say more than a thousand words, and the way you made people learn to make pictures is an invaluable lesson of life.

    We never met, however it is through Seth Resnick that I came to hear about you and your color genius!

    “If Contrast is the Salt in a picture, Color is the Pepper!” (I Love Pepper!)

    Please accept my best wishes to you and your family.

    Timmy TREU
    Milano, Italy

  28. Linda King Says:

    Hi Bruce,

    I only just heard about your most recent health problems. My heart is heavy over this and I had to write something.

    You are one of the kindest and most generous people I’ve met, both through the forums and in person. You’ve been a great support to me.

    I love your books and have enjoyed attending your classes at Photoshop World in Boston and Miami. I also enjoyed meeting you in person and having the privilege of sitting with you on the bus last year. You are my favorite Photoshop Guru.

    I will make it a point to pray for you daily. Please know that I am here if you need to talk. May God bless you and bring healing as He sees fit. You are loved by so many!

    Thank you for being who you are and for giving us all so much!

    Linda King

  29. marcusbrierley Says:

    Dear Bruce,

    We have never met in person, and I am saddened to hear of your illness. Your contribution to my professional life, enjoyment and expertise in digital imaging - particularly through your book on Camera Raw - has been significant, invaluable and fun. Thank you.

    With all good wishes for whatever lies ahead.

    Marcus Brierley

  30. paco Says:

    Dear Bruce,

    I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting you. But in my search for PS answers you have been one of my best and favorite teachers. As you have touched my life, you have touched countless others. To many to be counted, I’m sure.

    We are all born with a terminal illness and must continue our journey sooner or later. Only a few leave a legacy that touches so many and that will continue to do so for years to come. You are one of those Bruce.

    You take with you the greatest reward a person could hope for; the love and thanks of all you have taught. You were born for a purpose and you have served that purpose with dignity and generosity.


  31. Derek Says:

    Working for Epson Australia Professional Graphics allowed me the great privilege of being on tour with Bruce, his knowledge and patience was a measure of a true professional and in my opinion one of the founding Fathers of modern digital image and colour management.
    I enjoyed our time together in the off times eating good food and drinking fine Australian red wine listening to the stories of Bruce’s life and loves (Angela being no.1) Thank Bruce for imparting your knowledge, fight hard and there is a fine Red Wine waiting on your next trip.
    My heart felt best to you and your family.
    As you wrote in my copy of Real World CM “Keep the world colourful” which you have.
    Derek Mobbs
    Epson Australia

  32. Patrick Says:

    Dear Bruce. Uncountable numbers of professionals owe you a debt for your contribution to their development. May you have a peaceful time.
    Patrick Baldwin, UK

  33. Sharon Lowe Says:

    Bruce - I had the opportunity to learn from you at Photoshop World 2005 in Boston. It was an experience I will never forget! Your knowledge is incredible and your wit and humor made everything a blast! I wish you and your family the best - keep up the good fight and join us in 2007!!

    Sharon Lowe

  34. mikeearly Says:

    Bruce, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet you the first time at a DPEI event in Atlanta a number of years ago and our paths have crossed a few times since then and each time I was amazed at your ability to put some very complex concepts into terms that could be so easily understood by someone like …. well me. Thanks for being you. My prayers are with you and your family.

  35. LorenzoRidolfi Says:

    Your books really changed my knowledge and understanding of many topics related to digital photography. First, my Photoshop knowledge really got serious after reading Real World Photoshop. After, with Real World Color Management, I finally got a clear description all the nuts and bolts of Color Management, profiles, spectrophotometers and related stuff. After that, after reading Real World Camera Raw, I really uncovered the true potential of my RAW files. And, recently, you gave me a fantastic description for the mechanics of sharpening.

    Bruce, I really thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. You really changed my technical background and I’m flying higher with all you gave to me.

    Fly higher !


  36. Dave Says:

    Your work continues to aid mine. As you already know, at this time in your life, it is your friends and family that mean the most. By the replys posted so far, the world is richer because of your presence. May God comfort you and your family.

  37. Clay White Says:

    We of the pixel pushing ilk all hope that you get better. If that is not to be we pray your passing is a positive time with family and friends. I have learned so very much from your books over the years. I will think of your contributions each time I run Sharpener Kit on my images and when I present my classes. Clay “pxlfxr” White

  38. ButchM Says:


    Keep up the good fight. Thank you for your tireless efforts in explaining and translating all this techno babble on digital workflow so that even a simple farm boy such as myself could learn and grow as a photographer and designer. Your work has saved me countless hours of drudgery and pain, for that I will always be thankful that Bruse Fraser was on target to help us less fortunate to find the light. Best wishes you and your family.

  39. Marten Says:


    Dig deep into your fighting Scot heritage and win the battle!!!
    My heart goes out to you in your difficult fight.
    Prayers for you and your family……….

  40. Phil Scarsbrook Says:

    I have beneifited from your expert knowledge all the way back to Real World Photoshop 4. Thanks are not enough for all that I have learned. If your time is near…you have left a wonderful legacy of helpful knowledge. A debt that none of us can ever repay. I pray that God will wrap his arms around you and Angela, giving you comfort and strenght.

  41. Ralph Eisenberg Says:

    Your work has been a beacon for me (sometimes through several editions). Beyond the widely recognized technical competence and intellectual mastery, it is expressed in a personal style that allows inferences about the qualities of the man behind it. That mine were in good measure veridical was driven home to me one day several years ago when agonizing over a seemingly insoluble issue in color management. You swooped down in the fashion of some deus ex machina and with a few tactful comments on a forum decisively resolved the question for someone entirely unknown to you. I have often publicly referred to this occasion as illustrative of an example of human decency and generosity.
    With many others, my thoughts are with you in this difficult time.

    Ralph Eisenberg

  42. mstudios Says:

    Dear Bruce,

    I have read your wisdoms many times and have grown with and by you. My thoughts are with you and your family as you will always be with us in our thoughts, in our lives and in our work.

    my prayers are with you and your family.


  43. carlharsch Says:

    Bruce, your work has been an inspirational source for me and has greatly influenced my own work. I offer my prayers for you and your family during this difficult time that you might find some comfort, strength, and peace.

    Carl Harsch

  44. cairlinn Says:

    My prayers are with you and your family at this difficult time. from all the comments and outpouring of admiration, you can take satisfaction that your talent and affiable manner has touched countless souls.
    I was at your color management lecture at Photoshop Soup to Nuts this year and can say that your command of the physics and technology of colour theory was incredible and yet you were able to explain it so well.

  45. bilbo Says:

    Dear Bruce,

    Learning of your illness is a real blow. You and I never met face-to-face, but you were kind and generous enough to correspond with me about some questions I had about Photoshop. Your books never gather dust on my bookshelf!

    You and your family are in my heart and prayers.

    May the hills lie low,
    May the sloughs fill up,
    In thy way.

    May all evil sleep,
    May all good awake,
    In thy way.

    (Old Scots Prayer)

    Robbie Bowman

  46. Jaddie Says:

    Dear Bruce

    You’ve made my life better. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed several of your books and speaking events.

    Your name is an indelible stamp on the evolution of digital imaging. Thank you so very, very much for all of your generous contributions!

    –Jaddie Dodd

  47. Ellis Vener Says:

    What a terrible loss for all of us. Bruce thank you for everything I have been able to learn from you so far.

  48. Scott Martin Says:

    Hats off to a man who has raised the bar in our community and blessed us with his wit, intelligence, modesty and unique understanding of our medium. His articulation, eloquence, generosity and infectious pursuit of perfection will not be matched anytime soon. There are those few people who make our lives rich. Bruce is one of those.

    - Scott Martin

  49. adriana Says:


    Thank you for every word you have written, for every life you have changed with your wisdom..your legacy is a gift to us followers. There are many ways to feed the will be feeding many children for years to come.

    God bless you and Angela. Peace and Cheers!

  50. Ibarionex Says:


    I so sorry to hear about your illness. I will keep you, your family and friends on my prayers. I will keep all of you in my thoughts. I am so grateful for your generosity and spirit. I wish you only the best.

  51. Nimrod7 Says:

    Dear Bruce,

    We have never met in Person, but your work are well known to me through your books and your contribution at apple colorsync. Thank you very much for everything we learned from you.

    My best wishes to you and your family.

    Bill Kastanakis

  52. SFO_SMK Says:

    Dear Bruce,

    From the thinnest of threads one weaves connections… I’m a new, middle-aged PS user, and happened onto your work just after a trip to Edinburgh and Scotland. I’m also a San Franciscan. So it gave me that extra pinch of pleasure to open your Camera Raw Book, read it with a nice evening’s glass of wine, and realize that the author not only lived in my city, but hailed from the bewitching city where my teenaged daughter now wishes to attend university…

    You write with clarity, with humor, and with patience that is not condescending. It has been a pleasure “knowing” you from your writings and posts. Peace to you and your family.

    Steve Kane
    San Francisco

  53. chris1122 Says:

    Dear Bruce,

    I am another who has deeply appreciated the efforts you have made over the years to offer understanding to all of us struggling to make sense of the remarkable changes happening in the world of photography.

    Your brilliance, clarity, patience and obvious love for image-making has been a tangible force that so many of us have felt through your writings and the products you’ve helped develop.

    Countless images have and will continue to be made that have been touched by what you have given us. That is among the tributes to your life that will live forever.

    I am very saddened by your illness and I send my best wishes to you and your family and friends.

    Chris Johnson

  54. ashley karyl Says:

    I am so sorry to hear of your illness Bruce and wishing you a fast and full recovery. There are countless people all around the world who want you to win this battle and continue to see you with more books, advice and everything else which you manage so admirably. Keep fighting.


  55. Ann Shelbourne Says:


    This is devastating news.

    I knew that you had been unwell but did not realise how seriously ill you were.

    I only met you and Angels once when we were in Boston but have so enjoyed discussing (and arguing over!) the finer points of Photoshop with you in the Adobe Forums over the years.

    Your books will always remain as your lasting legacy to the whole digital publishing industry; and your generous spirit will be sadly missed by the many, many people whom you have helped and inspired (most of whom have probably never met you in person!) all round the world.


  56. Neil Snape Says:


    Please keep on fighting this, we’re here for you, you know.

    From the very beginning you were there for all of us. Your diplomacy reigned over time and everyone has counted on you to help us with your wonderful way of wording what should and can be challenging.
    Starting in 1995 I realised who you were and your help brought me to helping others. It is an honour to have worked with you, and to have met you. You will always be my reference as the guiding light. You’ve lit many torches for us. We’ll continue to run with them and cherish them.

    Neil Snape Paris France.

  57. Gary F Says:


    I’m one of the countless thousands that met you only through your writing. Your knowledge impressed me greatly, but your generous spirit impressed me even more.

    You made a difference Bruce, to me and to many others, I thank you for that.


  58. rhellie Says:

    Bruce and Angela,
    We have never met, but I am one of the thousands who have benefitted from Bruce’s groundbreaking work and generosity. Thank you so much for sharing with me and others. Your books, presentations (I had the opportunity to hear Bruce at an Epson Print Academy)have helped me greatly.

    My thoughts are with you, your family and friends.


  59. Stan Burman Says:

    It started almost two years ago when I bought a serious digital camera. Frustration with things like white balance and encryption and things like that. Little did I know how long and steep the learning curve would be for a thick-skulled guy like me. Then I discovered some of these forums and books where a guy named Fraser obviously knew what he was talking about and was helping some of us slow learners do just that - learn. Your knowledge and, more importantly, your willingness to teach us is deeply appreciated. Thanks for your teaching and your patience. You have made a huge difference.

  60. Christopher Smith Says:


    This is the kind of man Bruce is. Everyone knows that he has literally taught thousands of people though various organizations such as NAPP and his own Pixel Genius crowd. The shear amount of e-mail he receives must be mind boggling. Despite having a life of his own, Bruce would ALWAYS e-mail me back with an answer to my questions. He took the time for me! Who am I? Just another face in the crowd from one of his seminars.

    Bruce, I have a huge amount of respect for you. I wouldn’t be half the digital artist and teacher that I am today if it wasn’t for you. Thank you for being such a great role-model. Keep fighting, because the world needs people like you.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you.


  61. Mark_Antony Says:

    Dear Bruce
    Thank you for the expertise and knowledge you shared, and although I never met you I have your books on the shelf in my studio.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, god bless you.

  62. englishm Says:


    I struggle to find words to express my feelings upon learning of your battle. You have represented the “gold standard” in colour management and digital imaging knowledge for me and thousands of others for as long as I can remember. When I read or hear others opinions on these topics, my reality check is always “What would Bruce say about this, would he agree?”. My shelves are replete with most of the books you have written, and they are the single most effective learning and reference tools I have.

    We have never met, but my thoughts and prayers are with you; godspeed my friend.

    Mark English

  63. jwtwel Says:

    Hello Bruce,
    Dont’t really know you that closely. You don’t know me at all.
    But it might be of some relief for you to know that somebody far back in the Netherlands (like me) or any other remote area on this globe has read your articles or (in my case) a book of yours..
    and has been greatly inspired by doing this.
    There must be thousands or more like me worldover.
    Keep on going and if that has become impossible accept my gratitude. You make a difference !
    Jan Willem Maltha, Vlaardingen, Netherlands

  64. alexjones Says:

    Dear Bruce,

    You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. May God bless and comfort you and your family in the difficult days ahead.

    While we have never met, you have had a tremendous impact on how I do what I do and see the world of color management. You have had a greater impact on what I do than anyone else through the books and articles you have written. You have improved my ability to make a living and prosper by being confident in how things will look and how to get there. For that I am deeply grateful and say thank you.

    Warmest Regards,

    Alex Jones

  65. pixprof Says:

    I join the many who want to convey our sincere gratitude for the foundational contributions you have made to our industry over the years. Your efforts and diligence in demystifying the many complexities of digital imaging has always been of the highest order. Your writing introduced me to many professional practices which are now simply the basis of my digital imaging work and in fact this is the case for just about every other imaging professional I personally know. Your articles and books have always been at the top of recommended reading in all of my imaging/editing classes over the past several years as your knowledge and practices have informed the new generations as well. So bravo! to you and thank you for your exemplary contributions… they always have and surely will be hard to match.

    All the very best to you and your family, my prayers are with you.

    Ray Van Dusen, MFA
    Professional Photography Dept.
    Dawson College

  66. NickWB Says:

    Dear Bruce,

    Don’t give up, there is too much left to do!

    Thank you for all that you have taught me and so many others over the years. Your writing has always been informed and inspiring. Without your many articles and books the digital world would never have advanced so fast or so far.
    My heart goes out to both of you right now.
    With every kind wish,
    Nick Wilcox-Brown.

  67. buko Says:

    Bruce thanks for everything you’ve taught us.

    Please keep fighting, you are in my prayers.


  68. pnome Says:

    Thanks for bringing the world of PhotoShop, color management, sharpening - and insight to me. I wish I could give you something back.

    Never give up!


  69. Eric Etheridge Says:

    Dear Bruce:

    I introduced myself to you once, at PhotoExpo in New York, several years ago. You were standing near the Adobe booth, preparing to go on. I remember being desparate at the time to solve some printing issue that was plaguing me, and there you were, the wizard himself, right there. But I figured you must get that all the time, so I settled for thanking you for all your had taught me about Photoshop and printing.

    I always tell people I am self-taught at Photoshop, but as I told you that day, what I really mean is I am a graduate of the Bruce Fraser school, lessons learned via books, online articles and many, many generous postings in the Adobe forums and elsewhere.

    Thanks for it all. You contributions will be long remembered.


  70. sgingold Says:

    Dear Bruce

    As someone who has never met you, it is a shock to learn of your illness and the unfortunate prognosis. As one of thousands and more likely millions, my life has been enriched by your work and personal generosity. This is the sign of a truly great human being.

    How many of us can take a personal interest and create something from it that brings so much pleasure and accomplishment to a huge population?

    During this difficult time for you, Angela, your family and countless friends, know that you are cared for by more people than you can imagine and that we all have you in our hearts and our prayers.

    Stephen Gingold

  71. bachnut Says:

    Dear Bruce,

    I had the good fortune to see your presentation at this years Epson Print Academy in San Francisco. As a Photoshop professional for the last 12 years and responsible for the color management workflow at our agency, you have been and remain the beacon of illumination in a world of digital clutter.

    I just passed along your ACR book to my daughter as her introduction to RAW file processing. My personal photography has improved as a direct result of your insights into the methodology of handling RAW files. Your spirit is like a guardian angel that sits on my shoulder as I navigate the possibilites of the RAW file on the screen in front of me. I owe you an eternal debt of gratitude for helping me find my own photographic statement.

    I am stunned and deeply saddened by this and wish that prayers were enough to move events. This is a reminder that life is precious and fragile. With this I re-dedicate myself to my personal photography and will always keep a special place in my heart for you who opened my eyes to the possibilities of the tools I use.

    Dennis Cress
    Berkeley, California

  72. Ho Says:

    My first *real* Photoshop book was Real World Photoshop 6. I had purchased other PS books, but none of them were as helpful as that one. As I became aware of who Bruce Fraser was, I took every opportunity to read whatever he wrote, wherever it appeared. The world of imaging has been enriched beyond measure by the dedication and passion of Bruce Fraser.

    Thank you, Bruce, for all you’ve done.

  73. unDavide Says:

    Dear Bruce,
    I’ve to say an immense thank you for being such an inspiring writer: I’m making my living in the color business mainly thanks to your books and articles, since that day when I did my first step in this challenging, beautiful world. Keep colors in your eyes! Best whishes to you and your family,

    Davide Barranca
    Bologna - Italy

  74. apb Says:

    Thanks Bruce, you have made a difference in my career with your eloquent writing. Andy Batt

  75. Tony_Bojorquez Says:

    Mister Fraser, I just heard the news from ZD Alum Roman Loyola. It is actually impossible to properly acknowledge just how much I’ve learned from you. You took a 20-year old kid and spent literally years teaching me the finer points of the print industry and digital imaging technology…and from that came a career. 15 years later, I use your lingo (’lurid & weird’) and knowledge in my job. You_make_a_difference.

    I have so many good memories with you over the years, both professionally and personally. Have strength and know that all thoughts are to you and your family.

    Tony Bojorquez
    Benicia, CA

  76. Joe Reifer Says:

    Hi Bruce,

    Every day I’m putting techniques into practice that I’ve learned from your books to make better images. Thanks for sharing your expertise. Try to keep smiling and know you are loved.

    Best regards,

    Joe Reifer

  77. mattod Says:


    Have always pursued any article or book I could find of yours. Always well written and has taught me more than any other.

    One of the great pleasures I had was meeting you when you were in Australia. Not only a great writer but also a good bloke to have a conversation with…

    My and my families thoughts are with you and yours. Hang in there mate.

    best regards

    Matt O’Donnell
    Epson Australia

  78. alanrew Says:


    I hope you realise that a lot of people, who have never met you personally, think of you as a friend, because of the patience and kindness you have shown them over the years in helping them understand digital imaging and colour management. Cold, complex, subject matter explained with real human warmth. We all wish you the best.

    Kind Regards,

    Alan Rew

  79. JonCanfield Says:

    I’m very sorry to hear about your illness and wish you and your family the best. It was great to meet you in Barcelona this past summer, and I hope that you are able to come back from this challenge - the world needs your knowledge and wit.

    Best wishes,
    Jon Canfield

  80. pxldr Says:

    Real World Photoshop (4, 6 & CS2): $140
    Real World Color Management: $50
    Real World Camera Raw (CS & CS2): $80
    Real World Image Sharpening: $40
    Epson Print Academy: $100
    Digital imaging knowledge gleaned from Bruce Fraser: Priceless

    Most of what I know about processing pixels I’ve learned from you even though we’ve never met. I still even have some of your articles from your Out of Gamut column filed away.

    Thanks for your wonderful writing and your ability to present technical material in a way (laced with intelligent and appropriate humor) that most of us can understand. Who would have thought that it would be a pleasure to read an 800+ page book about computer software?

    You and your family are in our thoughts.

    David Popham

  81. reidthaler Says:


    I’ve met you a few times, through the Epson Print Academy and times you’ve spoken at the San Francisco Digital Users Group.

    While your contribution to the digital world exemplify clarity and succinctness, making them noteworthy, it’s your eloquence and wit that make you memorable.

    You and your family are in are thoughts, prayers, and words.

    Reid J. Thaler
    San Anselmo, CA

  82. keith_cooper Says:

    Bruce, thanks for all your writings and work.

    Your efforts have been an inspiration in my own attempts at teaching and spreading the ‘colour management word’

    Keith Cooper
    Northlight Images, Leicester, England

  83. Greg. Says:

    Bruce… You will forever be in my thoughts. Love Greg.

  84. Ellis Vener Says:

    Comments from the thread I started on

    Mikael Karlsson , dec 14, 2006; 10:34 a.m.
    I had no idea Ellis. Thanks for posting this.

    Brent Reid , dec 14, 2006; 10:42 a.m.
    I only know Bruce through his books, where his rare genius for explaining complex processes clearly shines from every page. “Real World” is exactly the right descriptor for his invaluable advice.
    I wish him the best of care and good fortune.

    Godfrey DiGiorgi , dec 14, 2006; 12:48 p.m.
    Sad to hear this … I heard about it first yesterday at my friend’s shop, thanks for posting the web page.


    Marshall Goff , dec 14, 2006; 12:52 p.m.
    I just noticed the note on photoshopnews, and it ranks up there with all the “you can remember just where you were when you heard” stories. Bruce’s genius is well-known, and his time with us all too short.

    Gary Ferguson , dec 14, 2006; 01:28 p.m.
    In common with many of us I learnt from this man. He guided my faltering early steps into digital and continues to inspire and instruct.
    Thanks Bruce, your tutelage was appreciated and your insights are cherished.

  85. willowsr Says:

    As so many others have done, I thank you. If all of us had done our work nearly so well as you have done yours, this world would be a very much finer place.
    With deepest respect,
    Jed Wormhoudt

  86. Paula Lerner Says:

    Dear Bruce,

    You have touched many people’s lives, including mine, with your willingness to share your keen intelligence, your expertise, and wit. I have been very grateful on those occasions when you were kind enough to help me sleuth out the source of assorted technical or photoshop problems (my favorite was my “haunted” G5 computer that whistled when loading raw files into an early photoshop browser version). Your insight and generosity of spirit are both invaluable and memorable.

    I was very sorry to learn back in early November about your illness. You and Angela have been in my thoughts and prayers ever since. Know that there are many, many people out there who care, who are thinking about you and are sending good thoughts your way. I will continue to put your name on the list when we say healing prayers at my congregation.

    The community of people who you have touched reaches farther than you know.

    Wishing you courage, strength, and peace,

    Paula Lerner

  87. deke Says:

    I happened to run into Bruce 9 months ago at the Miami airport back in March. Naturally, he behaved and appeared as one consumed by the pitch fever of health. I believe I bought us a couple of beers. I wish I had bought something much stronger, preferably slightly illegal, and multiple rounds. Like everyone in this business, I’ve learned volumes from this man. Say it ain’t tru’, Bru’. Absolute and unmitigated best wishes. –Deke

  88. david harradine Says:

    What a bittersweet day in the world of Photoshop, with the very sad news about Bruce overshadowing the public beta release. As with everyone else I have learned more form Bruce’s books and generous replies to my emails, then possibly all other avenues combined.

    I also had the good fortune to attend seminars and workshops with Bruce when he visited our shores (Australia) back in 2003.

    I’d like to wish Bruce, his family and close friends all the strength and good fortune in the world to make this difficult time as painless and positive as possible. And hopefully all to good will Bruce has generated can flow back to him and aid his fight and recovery.

    - david harradine

  89. sandy radom Says:

    Dear Bruce,
    We met during the Great Lakes Digital 2005 meeting. You were so very helpful to me during that time. You took the time to personally answer my questions and even chose my print to win the Bruce Frazer Choice Award. That has meant a lot to me to have a man or your stature choose my print. I have read every book you have written and have learned from you and have been inspired by you throughout the years. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. Fight hard and pray. I look forward to talking to you again at another meeting.

    Sandy Radom

  90. smari Says:


    We have never met but almost everything I know about color management I learned from your writings. Thank you!

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. Please stay strong.


  91. gvaughn Says:


    Like so many others, I have benefitted immensely from your books, articles and seminars - thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge. My very best thoughts, wishes and hopes for you and your loved ones.

    - Greg Vaughn

  92. Trevor Says:

    It’s not too often that I’m personally touched by news concerning someone I’ve never met; but, having read most (all?) of Bruce’s articles on CreativePro, as well as a number of his books, I feel as if I do know him.

    If anyone close to him is reading, please let him know that our thoughts and prayers are with him (and his family).

  93. ellenanon Says:

    Bruce, I’ve been wondering where you were recently and like so many other people, I’m so sorry to learn the reason for your absence. You were so kind and helpful to me in one of the beta testing forums when I was a newbie to beta testing - and then again when I met you in person at Photoshop World.

    You have impacted so many lives, not just with your amazing technical knowledge and clear writing, but also with your kindness and generosity. Thank you! And I join all the others in sending you and all those who love you, energy and a prayer.

    -Ellen Anon

  94. Daniel Sroka Says:

    Thank you, Teacher.

  95. michael shaffer Says:

    It should go without saying how much I will miss Bruce’s contributions to the many well written texts, numerous forum threads, and articles. I’ll also miss him for the many instances of help he provided to me personally. It’s so difficult to know what to say … except to express my sadness.

    Bruce: You’re a 1st-class citizen of this planet! It is with sincerity, during a time we should all be expressing our cheer for the Holidays and amongst so many other current events which now seem insignificant, that I thank you the inspiration as well as the knowledge you gave me. My sympathies to your family for their loss.

  96. jimstewart Says:

    Dear Bruce
    Great teaching empowers the learner. Every print I’ve made and every class I’ve taught has benefited from your skill, knowledge and imagination, and from the clarity, warmth and power of your writing. My thanks are all I can offer by return. I’ll be thinking of you each time I open Photoshop or burrow back again into one of your books.
    My sympathies go out to Angela and those closest to you at this painful time.
    Fare you well, my countryman

  97. Rick McCleary Says:

    Bruce -

    God! You’re so damn literate! You must have kissed the stone. To be able to take the convoluted concepts of color management, multi-pass sharpening and RAW editing and make them not only interesting, but humorous at times — well, you’ve a great gift. And the gift of clarity that was given to you has become a gift to us all.

    You have taught us all the ins and outs of this technology. But more importantly, you have taught us to think with common sense. You have truly made a difference in the world.

    Thank you for all your wonderful good grace, good humor and good will.

    Party on, dude.

    Rick McCleary
    Purcellville, VA

  98. suetallon Says:

    Though I don’t know you personally I did attend several events of which you were a part and now buy the books that I know you contributed to. Ditto the sentiments of everyone else who has written of you here. You’ve touched many people with your life and talents and it sounds like your work has been good and that love surrounds you. I hope you find comfort in these most meaningful things.
    May Peace and love carry you.

    Sue Tallon

  99. GCoyne Says:

    Bruce has left a legacy. His writings, seminars, books, articles, has helped thousands of people. Few will be missed as Bruce will be.

    I am very saddened.


  100. ChrisCox Says:


    I don’t write nearly as easily as you, and I’m trying not to cry while I write this.

    I owe you a lot more than I can list here.

    But I have to thank you for your guidance, your patience, your opinions (even if we sometimes didn’t agree), your clear writings, and your perseverance.

    I fondly remember all the discussions, panels, meals, and the occasional drink or 20 that we shared.

    I’m still praying for a miracle. But no matter what happens, you have a great many friends, lots of great memories, and a legacy of writing and teaching that is to be envied.

    Thank you Bruce.

    Chris Cox
    (darnit, I failed on the crying)

  101. Sandee Says:


    For all the times we sat at the back of conference rooms, or shared overcrowded dinner tables, or just acknowleged each other walking through the halls at Moscone or Hynes, I’m sorry I never spent more time getting to know you.

    Your incredible knowlege is overwhelming.

    Your humor is wry and subtle.

    And I am better off for having known you.


    Sandee (Vectorbabe) Cohen

  102. rfreschner Says:


    Like many others who have posted here, I have never met you but have benefitted immensely from your writings and I can’t thank you enough for that. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this difficult time. Miracles do happen….


  103. DottySM Says:

    Dear Bruce, my thoughts and prayers for you and your family. I was fortunate to meet you and attend your seminars on a MacMania cruise earlier this year- you are an incredible teacher. Shortly after that cruise I was diagnosed with acute leukemia and spent rest of this year in chemo/hospitalization and am hanging in there. Please take my hand as I know you are keeping your spirits up!

  104. Dan Burkholder Says:


    Every once in a while there’s a person whose talents, energy and wit combine to make the rest of us wiser and happier with our art and work. Thanks for being not just one of those special souls, but the best we could hope for.

    I’ve always told students that there are only three people on planet earth who claim to fully understand color management: one is a liar, one is in an asylum, and then there’s Bruce Fraser.

    Jill and I will keep you and Angela in our thoughts during this difficult time.


  105. harald Says:

    Dear Bruce,

    I will never forget our meeting this past summer. I said I had always been a fan of yours, and you replied without hestitation, “And I of yours.” It was a simple comment but a very generous one.

    When I started writing books about digital printing, you were my main model. I thought, if I could write with half as much clarity and humor as you do, if I could make complex ideas as easily understandable as you do, then I will have succeeded.

    My thoughts and hopes are with you, Bruce.

    Harald Johnson
    Charlottesville, Virginia


    The news of the release of the CS3 beta has been completely overshadowed by the sad news about Bruce’s illness.

    My heart goes out to Bruce, his family, friends and associates.

    Ramón G Castañeda
    Roseville, California

  107. edahlin Says:


    Mine is but one, I’m sure of many faces in the crowd,
    but will not forget your help given when I contacted
    you for the first time. You were more than willing to
    help a simple photographer.

    My prayers will be for you and your family

    God Bless

    Ed Dahlin

  108. lplorentzen Says:

    Thank you for all the knowledge you have given me and thousand of others.
    Some of the best thing a man can do in his lifetime is to share his knowledge with others, and your contribution is massive.

    I only met you once briefly in Oslo at one of your lectures there, and you changed my way of working/thinking/understanding my profession.
    I am forever thankful.

    L-P Lorentzen
    Oslo, Norway

  109. Kevin Gallagher Says:


    you and yours are in my prayers. I’m just one of the countless people who have benefitted from your knowledge and in the wonderful way you are able to impart it.

    Kevin Gallagher
    Milford, CT

  110. johnpaulcaponigro Says:

    Dear Bruce,

    You may not realize the singular contribution you’ve made to the lives of so many.

    You have improved the life’s work of so many.

    Our day to day life’s work. Thank you for saving my book; the reproductions in it are better in part because of you. Thank you for improving the quality of the information in my book; my understanding of color management has been greatly improved, in part, because of you. Thank you for making the work of so many others better; I have enjoyed them all.

    Our life’s work. You have bettered my understanding of light, one of the most profound mysteries of the universe. I’ve spent my life chasing it and will no doubt spend the rest of my life chasing it. Both the quality of the hunt and my appreciation of it have been improved, in part, because of you.

    Thank you for being such a wonderful part of our lives - yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

    We love you.


  111. RickA Says:

    Hello Bruce,

    I appreciate this chance to thank you again for helping me. I met you while you visited Seattle in October 2004. I’m still laughing at your humorous comment, “Bless you!” when I mentioned I had bought your book “Camera Raw”. You were very kind to my wife and I as we spoke for a few moments. I still buy your books and your knowledge has been a great blessing to me. Thank you again and may I wish you and Angela God’s greatest blessings.
    Yours truly,
    Rick A

  112. sevres-babylone Says:

    Dear Bruce,

    I have never met you but you have have helped me in so many ways through your articles, your software plug-ins, and most generously through your many contributions to various forums dealing with colour management and control. Your name is synonymous with intelligent colour management. As has been said, your ability to lead us from complex problems to useful solutions, explained simply, is unmatched.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Jack Martin

  113. halgage Says:

    I don’t know what I can add to the other comments written here, but I feel that I must. You have touched so many people and made such a difference in our lives. Your work has been instrumental in my teaching endeavors and in my personal photographic work. Thank you for all that you have done and contributed. You will be missed and remembered.

    Hal Gage
    Anchorage, AK

  114. Mark Segal Says:


    Doubtless you and the people closest to you are doing all that is humanly possible to combat this illness and provide comfort. Your contribution to the international digital imaging community is immense, and above that, I - and I am sure many thousands of others - so much appreciate your interest, accessibility and helpfulness be it at seminars, through your books, on web-forums and by emails. You are a pillar of enlightenment, encouragement and support in this community, so now it is our turn to reciprocate and hope and pray that you will pull through and return to health. My very best wishes to you and your family.

  115. Laurentiu Todie Says:

    best wishes

  116. Don Schaefer Says:

    Dear Bruce,

    Being loved by so many is one of the greatest tributes I can imagine. I wish you much peace and comfort, and the greatest of strength and spirit to embrace this precious moment. I sit patiently and respectfully with thoughts and prayers for you and yours.

    Don Schaefer

  117. Bruce Switalla Says:

    Hey Bruce,

    I was glad to see your reference to God in one of your 3 books I have. I look forward to seeing you someday in Heaven and talking about color (and our new lack of IR and UV limits)! If no one has said it before, please let me share the good news of Jesus Christ that even Scott Kelby acknowledges: The gospel by which we are saved is, Christ died for our sins and arose from the dead. I Cor. 15 I used to think getting to heaven involved only belief God existed. But Jesus said he is the Way. Many I speak with believe they must be good to get there. But Ephesians 2:8,9 says salvation is an unearned gift. I hope you are healed, cause CS3 is coming and you have more books to write for us! But mostly I hope you consider these verses that will ensure our future conversations. Thanks for everything and God richly bless you forever, my brother.

    Bruce Switalla

  118. david biedny Says:


    In a world full of people hoping to leave a legacy, you have truly touched the lives of so many people looking to understanding how to be better visual thinkers and workers. The outpouring of love for you, the admiration for your intelligence, wit, knowledge, writing and teaching skills, are all strong reminders that you have enriched the lives and minds of generations of artists and creative folk. You should be proud of your time on this planet, your accomplishments and integrity are absolute. I sat through some of your Seybold sessions, and was always so very impressed at the depth of your understanding, and your incredible ability to be a creative problem solver, a truly rare skill. You have had a direct hand in shaping an entire industry, and while I never had the chance to say this directly to you, you are one of the few people I consider to be a True Hero of the Photoshop world. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. May Peace always be with you.

    David Biedny

  119. oreali Says:

    Dear Bruce,

    I know you only through your great books, and through 2 emails I sent to you some months ago. I asked you something about right exposure…and you was so kind to quickly answer to me, just a newbie. Fight hard Bruce, all we need your great intelligence and knowledge!
    Thoughts for you and yours.

    Oliviero Reali

  120. Jeff Schewe Says:

    Sadly, I must tell you all that Bruce passed away yesterday, December 16th, 2007 at home with his wife Angela and good friend Stephen Johnson.

    Stephen wrote: “He was resting in his own bed, surrounded by people that loved him. It was a very peaceful passing.”

    I would also like to pass this note along that Stephen sent me on Friday…


    Dear PhotoshopNews readers,

    I was with Bruce today (Friday, December 15th) as your comments were coming in.

    He was truly moved and heartened by the well of affection and respect. Your comments brought a smile and warmth to his face.

    Thank you so much,
    Steve Johnson


    So, as you have all written that Bruce has touched all your lives…your messages to Bruce indeed touched Bruce’s life in the end…

  121. smallick Says:

    My prayers, my Prayers, MY PRAYERS
    are with you.

  122. ramarren Says:

    Godspeed, Bruce! and my condolences to your family and friends.
    Your work has helped, you will be remembered.


    Only in silence the word,
    only in dark the light,
    only in dying, life;
    bright the hawk’s flight
    on the empty sky.

    - Song of Ea, Ursula K LeGuin

  123. Theo Streibel Says:

    My sincerest condolences to Bruce’s family and friends.
    Bruce touched us all.

  124. Mark_Antony Says:

    I thank you Bruce for all you have taught me, my thoughts, prayers and best wishes to your family.

  125. tived Says:

    My heart goes to Bruce and his family.
    condolences from a Dane down under, who admired Bruce and is greatful for his contribution.
    I had to opportunity to corrospond with Bruce on a couple of occations and I am very thankful to him for his generosity.

    best wisher to Bruces Family

    Henrik Tived

  126. sgingold Says:

    The other day we were all leaving messages to Bruce to thank him for all he’s done. It was so much easier to find some words of thanks or encouragement. Today is much harder.
    So many of us come and go with little notice from the world. Bruce Fraser made a huge difference in so many of our lives, allowing us to pursue and enjoy and possibly excell at our chosen pursuits. He has left countless souls, many who never had the privilege of meeeting him, feeling the loss of a close friend.

    Heartfelt condolences to Bruce’s wife, Angela, and his family members and close friends.

    Stephen Gingold

  127. jtreepro Says:

    My heartfelt condolences to Bruce and his family. Thank you, Bruce. I cannot express how indebted I am to you for sharing your knowledgde over the years…

    Although I had never met the man, his influence will be with me forever…

    Again. Thank you.

  128. fargione Says:

    I am shocked that Bruce Fraser has passed on.
    I feel a real sense of loss like I lost a close friend.
    I,like most posters here, never met Bruce but through his works I felt I knew him.
    He had a unique kind of knowledge & a conversational no-nonsense approach, that I found truly helpful & inspirational.
    Thank you for sharing all you know with us.
    We will miss you deeply.
    My condolences to all his family & friends
    Ciaran Rooney

  129. lthomas Says:

    Dear Bruce,

    We sponsored you through our Scholar in Residence here at Johnson County Community College a few years ago. Your residence at JCCC transformed our digital facilities from an amateur lab to a first rate professional studio. All the participants who attended your talks and seminars and were touched by your humor and intelligence still talk about how much they learned and how much fun you were. On a personal note, the few meals and conversations we had together over that weekend were so memorable and thoroughly enjoyable. My best wishes to you and your family.

    Larry Thomas
    Professor of Art
    Johnson County Community College
    Overland Park, KS

  130. Will Hammond Says:

    Bruce’s body of work is so immense that it has literally changed the way we work in the digital imaging field. I had the very good fortune of working with him many times and every time I saw him I realized what it must be like to truly master one’s craft. I only wish I has said “Thank you” when I had the chance.



  131. autumnrae Says:

    I know your body is no longer with us, but your legacy will live on as long as there are pixels and people who tweak them.
    The effect that you have made on this world has been too enormous to account for. You were not only a teacher, you inspired your students to learn and seek knowledge. The effects of your work can be seen in virtually every digital image that has been created or ever will be created. You helped shape the industry, and even above that, you were well loved and respected. You are missed.
    I could have written this message last week, when I first learned of your illness and when you were still with us. But I thought to myself: “I’m busy right now… Bruce isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, I have plenty of time to leave a message.” I wish I would have told you how much you meant to me when I had the chance.
    Bruce, I know you are now in a better place, and though you are in my thoughts you no longer need my prayers. My prayers are now for your family and friends, who now must continue to live without you by their sides. I hope that the pain fades quickly but your memory will live on indefinitely.

  132. Carl Anderson Says:

    From ancient Gaelic runes:

    Deep peace of the flowing air to you.
    Deep peace of the quiet earth to you.
    Deep peace of the shining stars to you.
    Deep peace of the infinite peace to you.

    To a life well lived, Thank you Bruce

  133. pierre.courtejoie Says:

    My deepest condolences to his family and friends.

    Most of us only met Bruce through our screens, or reading his books and articles. His generosity and kindness will be sorely missed for all of us. I can’t even imagine the sorrow that his close friends and family feels right now.

    With the huge amount of knowledge that he endlessly shared, there is a little bit of Bruce that lives in every member of the Photoshop community, and the Graphic industry. We’ll try to honour that unvaluable heritage.

  134. mikeearly Says:

    I am afraid that ….

    The Pixel Genius Group is a little less smart; The world of color seems a little less bright; And friends and followers of Bruce all over the world have lost someone very special.

    I am sure that the Pixel Genius Group will still do spectacular things and that colors will still be there and will stand out for me once again. But for right now it seems that someone that opened up the mystery of of color managment in Photoshop is no longer around to ofer guidance and support. I am thankful that his lessons were clear and strong and that I am getting comfortable in what I do. Perhaps that is indicative of Bruce’s greatest strength — his ability to educate others to stand on their own.

    At any rate, I will miss your writings and guidance Bruce.

    And finally, I guess I have a bit of a problem thinking of you as an “ORDINARY fellow who has completed his work” and yet I believe that is how you would think of yourself.

  135. littleted Says:

    This is genuinely shocking and sad news. Like many people here, I never knew Bruce but felt as if I did through his writings which were always practical, to the point, clear, relevant, and humourous.

    My skills are all the richer for the unique way in which you passed on your knowledge. The world is a poorer place without you.

    My condolences to all who were close to him.

    Bruce Little, England.

  136. Trevor Says:

    After reading today’s (Dec 18) news, I stunned, shocked, and deeply saddened by the loss of Bruce Fraser. Our community has lost a great man. My sincere sympathy for his family.

  137. Johnny V Says:

    Dear Bruce,

    You will live on in all our hearts and souls.


    John Vitollo

  138. Jack Reznicki Says:

    …and all the pixels cried…

    Bruce left an incredible legacy and imprint on our industry, especially
    during this time of a digital revolution.
    I don’t think people will realize just how deep and wide his influence was
    to how we see, handle, and produce images these days.

    He’ll be greatly missed. Both professionally and personally.
    But we were all fortunate and blessed to be around him for the short time he
    was here.

  139. Rob Keijzer Says:

    He is one of the authors that made me a better photographer through his writings

    Sad to realise he’s gone

    Rest In Peace

  140. pdx_photoman Says:

    To Bruce’s family,

    I cannot begin to convey how much I learned from Bruce over the years through his publications. His sharpening tools are now SOP in my workflow. As I think about his contribution, I am reminded of the words on the tablet near the tomb of Christopher Wren in st. Paul’s Cathedral, “Lector, si monumentum requiris, circumspice.” — Reader, if you seek his monument, look about you.” To seek Bruce’s monument, all we need do is look at millions of images by thousands of photographers.

  141. camerabits Says:


    Your experience has given us all a glimpse of enlightenment. Peace.

    “Decay is inherent in all compounded things. Strive on with dilligence.” - Buddha’s last words.


  142. Richard Falk Says:

    I first met Bruce Fraser about 13 years ago when I was a product manager for a printer product he was reviewing. I went to his house a couple of times and was struck not only with his technical competence in color management, but with his ability to simplify and explain sometimes arcane and complex color science. He was a decent and kind human being who told the truth, but with compassion. I am surprised by how saddened I am by his loss as I did not know him well and have not seen him for over 10 years, but that says a lot about the impact he had on people even after only a few encounters.

    My condolences to his family and all who will miss this great man.

  143. Andreas Thaler Says:

    Thank you Bruce.

  144. matt Says:

    Bruce where ever you are,

    Thank you for teaching us and bringing light to our lifes.

    My condolences to his family

  145. tlb Says:

    I first met Bruce on Compuserve’s Adobe forum and he was so generous with his knowledge.

    The world has lost someone very special…

  146. Scott Says:

    Like the other voices here, I too can attribute such a large portion of my imaging knowledge to Bruce. A great teacher indeed.

    I only wish I could have shook his hand and thanked him personally.

    peace and light, Bruce. Thank you for every one of your selfless contributions.

  147. jimbrogno Says:

    I am poorer in not having known the man, I am richer in knowing of the man.

    My heartfelt condolences to Bruce’s family, friends and colleagues. May you find peace.

    James Imbrogno

  148. Ellis Vener Says:

    Trans;ated by Evans-Wentz from the Tibetian Book o0f the Dead

    “For the Soul’s Safekeeping

    When, through intense propensities, we are wandering in the Sangsara,
    Along the bright light-path of the simultaneously-born Wisdom,
    May the heroic Knowledge-Holders lead us,
    May the bands of the Mothers, the Dakinis, be our rear guard.
    May we be saved from the fearful narrow passageway of the Bardo,
    May we be placed in the state of the perfect Buddhahood.
    May the ethereal elements not rise up as enemies;
    May it come that we shall see the realm of the Blue Buddha.
    May the earthy elements not rise up as enemies;
    May it come that we shall see the realm of the Yellow Buddha.
    May the fiery elements not rise up as enemies;
    May it come that we shall see the Realm of the Red Buddha.
    May the airy elements not rise up as enemies;
    May it come that we shall see the Realm of the Green Buddha.
    May the elements of the rainbow colors not rise up as enemies;
    May it come that all the Realms of the Buddhas will be seen.
    May it come that all Sounds will be known as one’s own sounds;
    May it come that all the Radiances will be known as one’s own radiances;
    May it come that the Trikaya will be realized in the Bardo. “

  149. Mark Rutherford Says:

    To All,

    I’m honored to have shared some time with Bruce.
    He’s in all of us now.

    Thinking of you, Angela.

    –Mark Rutherford
    San Francisco, Ca

  150. PjFchicago Says:

    To Bruce’s family and immediate friends:

    I hope you guys find the proper perspective in which to deal with this profound loss. Much strength to all of you.

    I, like many others in this community, have so much to thank this guy for.

    It’s strange, these days, the way we fish around the internet, looking for answers to our questions. It’s even more strange how these voices pop up and provide those answers for us.

    A number of years ago, when I didn’t know who Bruce was, he appeared in a forum thread I had started (after removing all of the hair from my head) where I posted a series of questions…inside of a half an hour later, he answered my questions with incredible detail and several links for me to reference.

    That was a defining moment for me in many ways. At that point I felt like I had the beginnings of actual control over what I was doing in my workflow. Seems like a minute thing on a world scale but in my world it was huge. If he had been in the same room with me I would have given him a fat kiss on the cheek and bought him a nice dinner, we would have celebrated. As it was, after following his advice, I probably did stand up out of my chair, and yell something into the air…something much more printable than the stuff I was yelling during the moments leading up to his response.

    Anyhow, Im sure this story rings a bell with a lot of folks around here.

    A thought for Bruce Fraser and those close to him.

  151. Sune Pedersen Says:

    Bruce, he sounded like a guy I would like to know.

    To his nearest: You knew him. Remember him.

    Rest in peace

  152. RobertWood Says:

    Dear Family and Friends,

    Bruce Fraser: A Rare Gift, Much Cherished!

    enso press

  153. macian Says:

    dear bruce guruji
    you gave so much
    its hard to to thank all the help and fun
    in your words
    hope you find all the hapiness you deserve
    in eternity

  154. mphoto Says:

    I was fortunate enough to have worked with you in person; a more humble man I’ve not met. I found it amusing that you appeared to have no idea how many lives you touched or what a profound impact you’ve had on the field of digital imaging. You’ve left quite a mark and have secured your place in the history of the medium. I don’t know how I’ll get through a new version of Photoshop without one of your excellent texts.
    Eternal peace to you my friend.

    My deepest condolences to Bruce’s family and colleagues.
    Michael Pilla

  155. MindsEye Says:

    I never met you in person but you have provided a wealth of information and inspiration- both for me personally and the photographic and digital imaging community. Thank you. I’m sure you will have many rewarding lives ahead.

    To your family and friends- My sincere condolences.

    Peace always.
    Joel Wolfson

  156. Paul Lawrence Says:

    I first heard the name ‘Bruce Fraser’ attached to a colour profile. It was the begining of my quest for great colour. Along with so many around the world I will remember the inspiration, accurate information and common sense that came from Bruce.

    Sincere condolences to Bruce’s family and friends

  157. sbroback Says:

    Bruce was a rare talent and a witty, eloquent man. He was one of those few people that could make a room full of forceful, talkative imaging gurus sit quietly with rapt attention when he spoke.

    Whether the subject was wine, travel, or rendering intents, his contributions and ready smile always left the people at a gathering the better for his being there.

    Angela, my deepest condolences.

  158. emccainaz Says:

    The photography world has lost a giant - a very intelligent, generous and kind giant. Bruce was unfailingly helpful in my experience. He helped our ASMP chapter put on one of our most successful programs and raised the level of knowledge greatly. He was a consumate professional and a wonderful person. I just don’t know how I’m going to get by without his books and programs. Thank you, thank you, thank you Bruce for being so generous with your knowledge and understanding.

    My sincere condolences to his family and friends.

    Edward McCain

  159. Parker Says:

    I met Bruce in 1995 when I was designing a color management product. I was introduced to Bruce by a mutual friend to brief Bruce on the product. I soon learned that Bruce was seen as the most knowledgeable and respected author writing about color management. I read his articles in MacUser and Macworld magazines, and I can tell you he was the most knowledgeable author writing about color management.

    From the beginning, the field of color management brought together an interesting mix of scientists and artists. I was a scientist and Bruce was an artist. The term spectrum is truly appropriate for describing the range of people in the color management community. Bruce was in the middle of that spectrum. To a pure scientist, he was an artist. To a pure artist, he was a scientist. To his credit, Bruce could carry an intelligent and meaningful conversation with both the scientists and the artist and everyone in between. He was a very smart and gifted person.

    Early on I considered Bruce a friend as many who met h