Dec 14, 2006

Adobe Photoshop CS3 at a glance

With the release of the Adobe Photoshop CS3 public beta, users who already have a Photoshop CS2 serial number will be able to download and install the brand new version of Photoshop-at least in its current beta form.

One of the things users will notice is a new application icon which heralds the beginning of the new Creative Suite 3 icon art.

Be aware also that it will take some time to get it downloaded-the Mac version is 684MB (including Bridge and Camera Raw 4) and the Windows version is 355MB. The larger Mac file size is due largely because it’s a Universal Binary that includes both the PPC as well as MacIntel optimized code.

Users will also notice a new splashscreen and more strikingly, a whole new user interface as shown below.

Photoshop CS3 UI

Click on the image to see larger sized image in a new window.

There will be a slew of stories coming out about the new features and functionality included in the Photoshop CS3 beta, chief among them for Mac users is the fact that Photoshop can now finally run natively on MacIntel machines-and the best term to use when describing the speed is FAST, very FAST.

But the public beta also includes a brand new version of Adobe Bridge version 2.0.

This new version sports a new UI and additional functionality that is a jump over Bridge 1.0. First and foremost, the Bridge engineers have tried to make it a lot faster.

Additional new functionality will also be welcomed by users of Photoshop CS2 and Bridge 1.0 including the new Filter panel and the enhanced Preview panel. And, did I mention it was faster?

Bridge 2.0

Click on the image to see larger sized image in a new window.

In Bridge 2.0 you can preview multiple images in the Preview panel.

The Preview panel also has a loupe view that allows close inspection of detail.

Camera Raw 4.0 (alpha)

Click on the image to see larger sized image in a new window.

The Photoshop CS3 beta also includes a new version of Camera Raw, the alpha version of 4.0. The new functionality is very similar to the controls found in Lightroom but the interface is not exactly final. So, it is subject to change.

So, when the downloads start, and new beta users of CS3 can get their hands on it, PhotoshopNews will be posting a variety of stories to help you out. Be sure to check back in the coming days.

9 Responses to “Adobe Photoshop CS3 at a glance”

  1. Ellis Vener Says:

    as Little Steven says:
    “very groovy”

  2. Mel Hill Says:

    Any chance that CS3 will allow me to insert scripts into actions?

  3. r.c. durston Says:

    Will it properly utilize dual monitors?

  4. IanScicluna Says:

    Nice! With the new features, faster bridge, and improved Camera Raw, will we still need Lightroom?

  5. bjanes Says:

    Thanks for the excellent review, Jeff. It looks like the ACR interface has acquired a few features from Lightroom. BTW, the shot of you on the motorcycle does not appear to be exposed fully to the right.

  6. Mel Hill Says:

    forget my first question… What I want to know is if I can use a script with in a script
    I use Image Processor and I would like to add an action that CONTAINS a script and in CS2 I can’t do this.

    My work flow for the job in question is as follows.
    make overall corrections to the shoot in ACR via bridge
    image processor to convert filess ready for printing
    I use an action that preps the converted file for printing
    this is what the action does
    Convert to lab color space
    drop from 16 to 8 bit
    photokit sharpener
    fit image (action to reduce file size)
    photokit output sharpener
    the script add filename as text layer
    a few layer styles to the file name layer

    The problem seems to be with running the script add filename as text layer
    with in the Image processor script.

  7. willowsr Says:

    Any chance that, in CS3, the quick and dirty Filter>Extract will work in 16 bit? for those who have never fully mastered the Zen of the Pen?

  8. amrosa Says:


    As always, thank you for your tireless work at keeping us informed. Also, I am so sorry to hear about Bruce. I never met him personally, but got a lot out of reading his book on Camera Raw.

    I wanted to find out if Bridge 2.0 will work directly with Photoshop CS2 or will it only work with the new CS3?

    I appreciate the info. Thanks,

  9. Ammar Midani Says:

    Any news about ImageReady?

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