Dec 6, 2006

Kate VS Photoshop – Round II

theholidayposter.jpgKate’s forgotten lines…
Has she had the airbrush treatment yet again?
Source: Daily Mail
Written by Kristina Pedersen

She famously hit out at magazine photos that transformed her body into a vision of perfection. But despite her protests Kate Winslet has yet again been the ‘victim’ of some serious airbrushing.

The Oscar-nominated actress appears on the promotional poster for her latest film showing off luscious skin and flawlessly unlined features.

Airbrushing specialists believe that Miss Winslet has once again posed for a shot which has been technically altered to create an image far removed from the natual reality.

Last year it emerged that a poster image of the actress to advertise the movie ‘Romance and Cigarettes‘ had been tampered with.


And now this promotional photograph, published by Sony Pictures to promote their film ‘The Holiday’, shows an image drastically different from this unguarded shot of the star at the movie’s world premiere this week.

Jason Facey, an airbrushing expert with 25 years experience, said: “We can see in the shot taken of her at the premiere that she has quite pronounced lines and bagging in the delicate under-eye area, which is what you would expect of someone in their early 30s.

“But in the photograph published to advertise her new film, the image has been photoshopped to erase the nose to mouth lines and lessen the crow’s feet.”

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