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Dec 6, 2006

Kate VS Photoshop – Round II

theholidayposter.jpgKate’s forgotten lines…
Has she had the airbrush treatment yet again?
Source: Daily Mail
Written by Kristina Pedersen

She famously hit out at magazine photos that transformed her body into a vision of perfection. But despite her protests Kate Winslet has yet again been the ‘victim’ of some serious airbrushing.

The Oscar-nominated actress appears on the promotional poster for her latest film showing off luscious skin and flawlessly unlined features.

Airbrushing specialists believe that Miss Winslet has once again posed for a shot which has been technically altered to create an image far removed from the natual reality.

Dec 6, 2006

Tethered shooting in Lightroom

studio-shots180906-0045.jpgIntroduction to tethered shooting – If you are able to connect your camera directly to the computer, Lightroom has the potential to let you import image files directly from the camera.

Photographs can be quickly brought into Lightroom, bypassing the need for a camera card and having to configure the Import settings every time you import a batch of images.

This is also referred to as ‘tethered shooting’ and I say Lightroom has the potential to do this because Lightroom will need to rely on other software that can communicate with your camera and download capture files to a specified folder location.

With this in place, Lightroom can be configured to automatically import these images into the library.