Nov 30, 2006

Sit! Stay! doesn’t do trick


Just getting Fido to look up as you shoot is not all there is to making a great dog portrait.

Source: Toronto Star
Written by Jennifer Brown

Peter Organa may well be the dog whisperer of digital photography.

The Toronto man combines his lifelong passion for photography with his love for man’s best friend to teach people how to get the best pet pictures out of their digital cameras.

He wants to put an end to “are-we-done-yet” pet portraits, which typically feature bored dogs and cats that look more like flash-blind, red- and green-eyed demons than the lovable creatures we know they are. On a recent outing with Markham-based Dog Paddling Adventures, Organa led 15 camera-toting dog lovers and their canine friends through a daylong workshop. His mantra is simple: “Don’t just photograph your dog, photograph your dog’s love for you.”

Easier said than done? Not if you put a little effort into it, says Organa, who taught photography in his native Poland and worked in a photo lab for 25 years. Today, his computer and Photoshop editing program make up the modern-day darkroom he says every photographer should learn how to use.

His inspiration is his Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Winter, and the results are displayed on both his website ( and his space on He gets about 1,000 hits a day on his flickr site and his pet photos get fan mail from around the world.

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