Nov 28, 2006

New Adobe Digital Photography Primers

Adobe has posted new white papers and primers available as PDF downloads. The PDFs are available from the Digital Imaging Solutions for Pro Photographers page (scroll to the bottom) and from the More Papers and Primers page.

New papers include:

The Role of Working Spaces in Adobe Applications
by Andrew Rodney
Photographer Andrew Rodney shows you what RGB working spaces are, why you need them, and when you might select one working space over another. This article provides the basic information you’ll need if you are using Adobe® Photoshop®, Adobe Camera Raw, or any application that supports International Color Consortium (ICC) color management.
PDF Dowload Link (468k)
Figure 4: 3D example from article
Figure 5: 3D example from article

A Raw Workflow in the Real World: The March of the Yellow Penguins
by Jeff Schewe
Use Photoshop CS2 for raw image processing, and boost your productivity. Photographer Jeff Schewe shows you how he took his raw workflow to the test under extreme Arctic conditions.
PDF Download Link (11.2MB)

Preparing Images for Delivery
by Jeff Schewe
What should photographers do to ensure that their images reproduce well in print? Jeff Schewe outlines how you can take some precautions and learn the lingo to communicate with your print service provider to get the print results you want.
PDF Dowload Link (7.1MB)

These new papers join the previously available papers (all updated for Photoshop CS2):

Digital Image Integrity
by George Reis
Photographs have been altered or “faked” ever since the very beginning of chemical photography. Learn how Photoshop CS is providing forensics experts and law enforcement specialists better tools for evaluating the authenticity of a photograph.
PDF Download Link (1.2MB)

Calibrating the Digital Darkroom Environment
by Karl Lang
If you want to create the most accurate prints possible in your digital darkroom, you’ll want to learn how to calibrate your work environment. Karl Lang steps you through the basics of how and why you need to manage your work environment as carefully as you do your studio lighting.
PDF Download Link (722k)

Black and White Conversion Tutorial
by John Paul Caponigro
Are you looking for more detail in your digital B&W conversions? Or perhaps better contrast and tonal separation? Here’s an opportunity to learn how to get maximum flexibility out of your B&W conversions. Follow along step-by-step, as John Paul Caponigro shows you how the pros do it in this dynamic PDF tutorial.
PDF Download Link (2.5MB)

Black and White Conversion Action
This download is a Photoshop Action (.atn) that automates the sequence of steps outlined in the JP Caponigro tutorial above. It is not required to complete the tutorial. This Action is compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS and CS2. Action Download Link (10k)

About Metadata
by Jeff Schewe
Find out how to give your images more value — and make them easier to find — by learning the basics of metadata.
PDF Download Link (4MB)

A Color Managed Raw Workflow
by Jeff Schewe and Bruce Fraser
Messy chemicals and processing trays are a thing of the past, but you’re still the one who must be sure your raw photos are processed properly. Learn how to take control by mastering these basics of color management in your raw workflow.
PDF Download Link (5.3MB)

Making the Transition from Film to Digital
by Michael Reichmann
Making the transition from shooting film to shooting digital is an exciting journey, but without this roadmap you might find more detours than solutions. Author and photographer Michael Reichmann provides a guide to the new language of digital photography, and will help you identify the crucial differences of shooting with film.
PDF Download Link (1.5MB)

Highlight Recovery in Adobe Camera Raw
by Jeff Schewe
The best digital cameras have about the same dynamic range as transparency film, but with Adobe Camera Raw you can actually process your raw images to pull out more highlight detail than you may have thought possible.
PDF Download Link (3.3MB)

State of the Art
by R. Mac Holbert
When is a photograph deemed “art”? Today, the adoption of digital photography would seem to be pushing the clock back over 100 years, judging from the resistance of some to the new technologies. R. Mac Holbert gives us his perspective of the state of the art in this timely article.
PDF Download Link (435k)

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