Nov 10, 2006

On the Road to Salt Lake City

…with a few friends for the Epson Print Academy in Salt Lake City this Saturday, November 11th. (Boy, I hope they have a Starbucks there…)

We’re coming to Salt Lake City for a special one day Epson event – check out the Epson Print Academy for details and online registration. There’s still room availalbe!

What will we be covering?
* In-depth color management and custom profiling
* Creating and optimizing a professional workflow
* Expert-level fine-art printing techniques
* Using a RIP for contract proofing and to increase productivity
* Collaborating with graphic designers and commercial printers
* Advanced black and white printing techniques

For those attendees from Phoenix be sure to check the Epson Print Academy Track Two Info page. Remember the login & password? Here’s a photo report of the Phoenix event held October 28th.

Phoenix, well actually Chandler, started off as a beautiful sunny day-perfect for spending all day in a dark room, right?

As some of you may know, it’s an Epson Print Academy tradition to start off the day with a Starbucks Mocha. Mac was kind enough to bring me one.

Well before the crowds came in, Mac, Andrew Rodney (subbing for Bruce Fraser) and I were busy finalizing the setup.

Meanwhile, out front people were queuing up at registration.

The Print Academy always comes with a Tech Expo area as well as an Epson Stylus Pro Print Gallery.

Sponsors had table areas, here’s the Microsoft rep talking about Vista.

The Pro dealer for the day was Professional Marketing Services (PMS-I think the dealer made a joke about that)

OnOne Software was there…

As well as the Adobe rep.

Free tutorials and Adobe pens were popular.

Nik Software was also there…

…as well as GTI showing their light booths.

Wacom demoed their Cintiq tablet/display.

Lexar was there…sorry, no free compact flash cards.

Coffee was served and the attendees needed it.

Jack Reznicki (left) joined the road tour taking care of Track One. Dan (AKA Dano) Steinhardt from Epson was there…the Print Academy is his baby.

People wandered around looking at the print gallery.

Then the doors were opened (and the crowd rushed the doors).

Even before we started, Mac Holbert was out front answering questions.

Outside the Track Two doors, Dano gives his watch a worried glance.

No worries Dano, we always start on time (well, within a minute or so).

One of the attendees mugging for the camera.

I watched where he sat so I could keep an eye on him.

The crowd is ready…

Andrew kicked off the morning talking about his favorite topic, Color Management.

Andrew has had to fill in for Bruce Fraser due to Bruce’s inability to travel. But Andrew does a great job (he just doesn’t have that Scottish accent).

At the break, attendees can look at prints made on the 4800 and now the new Epson 3800 (we are now traveling with both).

I’m up so Mac grabs my camera to snap a few of me on stage.

At lunch, we ate outside. Lovely day (mid-seventies) and I heard the sirloin sandwiches were great, I got stuck with turkey again (I never get out in time).

At lunch Jack gets into the game grabbing my camera to shoot me.

But I got him back…I wandered into his Track One session to “sneak up” on him.

Track One always has more people than Track Two.

In the afternoon, Mac Holbert covers fine art printing.

George Jardine was there from Adobe (left) and had demoed Lightroom Beta 5. On the right, Andrew gets excited when I tell him Greg Gorman sent me down a really nice bottle of wine for dinner.

The “wrap”. Another successful event. Right, a dealer loads up his stuff in a pickup truck. (A pickup truck?, well, ok I guess we were in Chandler).

Walking back from dinner (after Greg’s bottle of vino as well as a few additional bottles) I snap a shot of the last daylight and the moon over the palms.

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