Nov 8, 2006

UPDIG Releases Version 2.0 Guidelines

The Universal Photographic Digital Imaging Guidlines (UPDIG) working group has announced the release of version 2.0 of their guidelines for the delivery of digital photographs.

Who We Are: The UPDIG Working Group is an ad-hoc industry consortium of nonprofit associations, digital imaging professionals and allied trade groups and manufacturers, dedicated to promoting worldwide standards in the commercial application of digital imaging.

Vision Statement: Our industry is in a state of great change, and established ways of making and working with photographs have been supplanted by entirely new ones. The enormous capabilities and efficiencies of digital capture and delivery have revolutionized the image marketplace at an astounding rate. But they have also created gaps in creative and quality control that have frequently led to confusion, inequities, loss of quality, and unnecessary expense. We recognize the need for worldwide imaging quality and delivery standards that will facilitate reliable and repeatable image reproduction

The work-product of the film-based photographer — the transparency or print — has served as the capture and storage medium, as well as the primary vehicle for color/colour management throughout the entire supply chain. The lack of the transparency or reference print has left a void in the image-quality control chain that can only be filled by integrated color/colour management according to accepted ICC workflows.

As the foundation of the image supply chain, it is essential that photographers establish and adhere to the best practices of color/colour management. Further, it is essential that entire imaging supply chain implement these practices. We plan to identify terminology and workflow for each stage of image creation and delivery. Through these guidelines, we will ensure that color / colour will be as accurate as possible, enhancing creative control and economic efficiency

It’s important to note here that integrated color/colour management (ICC / ICM) is a mature, proven technology that is already used by many imaging professionals. This effort is to ensure that the adoptation of these best practices will happen as quickly and easily as possible.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to bring the creators, distributors, customers, and other vendors in the imaging trades together to identify and promote digital imaging standards. We will identify a delivery protocol that promotes creative and quality control, and builds value and efficiency.

Version 2.0 – The Universal Photographic Digital Imaging Guidelines

These 12 guidelines — provided as a Quick Guide plus an in-depth Complete Guide — aim to clarify the issues affecting accurate reproduction and management of digital image files. Although they largely reflect a photographer’s perspective, anyone working with digital images should find them useful. The guidelines have three primary goals:

  • Digital images should look the same as they transfer between devices, platforms and vendors.
  • Digital images should be prepared in the correct resolution, at the correct size, for the device(s) on which they will be viewed or printed.
  • Digital images should have metadata embedded that conforms to the IPTC standards, thereby making the images searchable, providing usage and contact information, and stating their creators or copyright owners.

Files For Downloading:
The PDF of the UPDIG Guidelines for desktop printing (1.2 MB)
The PDF of the UPDIG Guidelines for offset printing (2.2 MB)

Historians can request version 1 by writing to

How to Join: For access to the discussion forum for this initiative, please contact UPDIG and indicate the trade organization or group that you are representing.

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